A New Comfort Level

Lets face it, dressing up usually isn’t really all that comfortable with tight clothes that are too warm and high heels that hurt by the middle of the day or night. So don’t go for the synthetics, try breathable, natural cotton, light weight enough so you don’t suffocate and become a sweaty mess. Choose dresses that have pockets so that you can put a few belongings in them such as lipstick, cellphone, or money. This could help lighten up your clutch or purse.

Hopefully you’re excited to go out with friends or to your event! So wear happy colors, no one ever said you can only wear black when dressing up. And you don’t have to be in heels either. Flats are just as dressy and go great with any fancy outfit in open or closed-toe style. If you’re going for a strapless dress or top, try one with built-in corsetry so you’re not constantly pulling up your outfit. You don’t want to deal with that especially if you’re going to be out and about for a long time. Hopefully these tips will help you get around with ease the next time you deck yourself out. Go ahead, make a change and be comfy in your own skin!