Fashion Forward Women’s Coats – Spring 2015

Spring is thankfully just around the corner so it’s time to put away those heavy, snowed on jackets and go for something lighter. This year designers present an unlimited collection of patterns, silhouettes, and colors.

Believe it or not, female figures are perfectly emphasized by man’s clothes¬†The first style to mention is a Men’s Type coat, which brings convenience and diversity with colors such as blue, gray, and dark chocolate. Skin and fur are the main material for this unique trend, making you feel nice and comfy, with your own Men’s Coat, and not your hubby’s!

Anyone would look great in retro 60’s Style with an A-Silhouette and short length. Colors include brights and pastels. These styles are exciting but what about something easy? The “easy coat” which will replace cardigans and jackets, they are made from wonderful fabrics and have amazing patterns. They are close to the body but a belt will help you create a beautiful silhouette!

The Cape style is in this Spring season with traditional colors and a shorter length. Some even offer different cuts to put your hands in, how fun! Whats even more fun is the fact that the snow is slowly going away, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see anymore white around! Give a white coat with pastels a shot. Try one with a pastel belt or shirt underneath.

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