Birthday Outfit Ideas

Going out for a night on the town with the girls for your birthday? Here are a few birthday outfit ideas to help you stand out in style and be comfortable at the same time. That way, you’re free to move and dance as much as you want!

How about a  dress with mesh? Its a sexy yet sophisticated look with birthday charm, making you stand out with the little bit of skin peaking through. Accessorize the look with a chunky, shorter necklace, black strapped heels, and a fancy clutch to carry your essentials in.

The picture to the right shows a wine-red colored mesh dress with a chunky gold neck that goes absolutely perfect with it. Be sure to color coordinate. For instance, avoid putting black and browns, silver and gold together.

Another idea would be to wear a tank with a skirt and belt, to give a full dress look although you’d be wearing to separate items. Try a pair of heels that have the color of the dress and tank to really pull the outfit together. Accessorize with a bracelet and earrings.

A longer, spandex skirt and dressy cropped top, similar idea to the last outfit, is a comfortable yet stylish outfit that allows you to move through out the night. The great thing about this outfit is after you wear it you can use both items for many other outfits, such as trying a new top with the skirt or wearing the top with denim for a casual daytime outfit.

How about trying some lace? Its absolutely beautiful and a dress with lace is perfect for you dress up for your special night, especially black lace with silver jewelry.


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