The Diamond Body Type – How to make it shine

Diamond (

Here is another blog on how to dress a specific body type, one beautifully named the Diamond. Knowing what body type you have, will save you time shopping so you can look and feel as fabulous as possible no matter what. Every woman is different, and that is a wonderful thing, we are all unique in many different ways.

If you are a Diamond body type your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust and you have a fuller midsection. Your arms are usually on the slimmer side and you carry more weight on your upper thighs than the bottom part of your legs. While being a diamond shape, you want to create a waist to balance your shoulders and bust. In order to do so, choose tops that add fullness and curves to your upper body. You can achieve an hour glass shape by putting focus on the center of your body and arms and legs.

Straight leg dark denim jeans with no embroideries on them are great for a slimming

Belted Cardigan (

effect on your upper legs and are great to wear with any top. A long button down cardigan creates a shape that elongates your body and they are fun to wear with any style shirt underneath. Try belted cardigans as well as they will create a fun and curvy waistline. A short- waisted jacket is great as it also helps elongate your body and when zipped will give you a beautiful hour glass silhouette. Wear heals with these outfits! They elongate your body too and are great paired with skirts and dresses too of course.

A-Line Dress (

An A-line skirt literally gives you that flare and shows off those shapely legs as it sits away from the body. An A-line dress is great as well to give your midsection some pizzazz! Any black dress is perfect for you too, no matter what style; it’s the color that really makes your body look the best it can! For the dresses you can wear a high or low neck, as both flatter your shoulders. Hopefully these tips help you girls to be the sparkling diamonds that you truly are!