Don’t wear yourself out – Here are some interview outfit tips

A majority of 20 something women are finishing college, growing in their jobs, or just starting out in their career. Whatever the case may be, the interview is the first step. They aren’t always fun but here’s some fashion tips to ease the stress about what to wear.

Grey suit with white blouse (

You want to make a good first impression when introducing yourself the place you want to work. In order to do so, you need to appear professional, neat, and clean. Make sure you have your staple items which are neutral colored suits in gray, black, brown, tan, or navy blue. Light colored blouses and cotton shirts are perfect for going underneath. Try a light scarf around your neck especially if you’re interviewing with a more conservative company.

Another staple item is the white button down shirt or a white dressy, plain blouse. If you know you are interviewing with a more laid back and casual company, make sure you are still dressy with your outfit. It’s better to be over-dressed than under-

Brown Suit (

dressed. With a more laid back company you may be able to get away with no jacket with your dress pants. Another good idea is to wear a jacket or cardigan with more casual pants.Avoid short skirts and tight fitting clothes. Wear more conservative colors too, bright pinks and yellows aren’t fitting for an interview.

No matter the current shoe trend, choosing a medium sized, closed toe pump as it is the best choice, it’s safe, conservative, and will pull your outfit together. Use your clothing as a reflection of yourself that you are professional striving to get into the workforce. Hopefully these tips will get you to wear you want to be!