Not Just your everyday tee

Plain tee shirts have always been that go-to, comfy shirt for just lounging around, going to the gym or for pajamas. This staple item is simple and predictable unless you change it up a little bit. Ever thought of wearing a tee-shirt a different way? Here are a few ways to spice up your favorite v-neck, crew-neck, or scoop neck items.

First idea is you could take a pair of scissors and transform your shirt into a hip and in style top. Add fringes to the bottom, or slits on the back, or slits on the chest. Wear with a tank top

Fringe Idea (

underneath and you’re good to go with your own unique style. You can also just cut the length of the shirt to keep up with the trend of high waisted shirts.

To dress up your tee, try a long necklace. They will add sparkle and jewels while spicing up your style as long necklaces are fun and versatile. This is especially true with a v-neck tee shirt,

Necklace (

as the V shape neck flows right along with the length of the necklace. Colorful and patterned scarves are great as well, especially paired with a necklace for an exciting look.

Scarf Idea (

Try layering a couple different tee shirts together or with something on top on them such as a vest, jacket, sweater, or even a floral blazer. You can

Floral Jacket (

even just change the bottom part of your outfit as well with patterned shorts, pants, or skirts for a trendy look that shows that the tee shirt is more than just an everyday top, it is a versatile

Pattern Bottom (

and unique platform for opportunity to create new looks every day.