Fashion Tips for Tall Women

The number one rule if you are a tall woman is to avoid pants that are too short. The right length completes your whole outfit as your ankles should always be covered, unless of course you’re wearing ankle length pants. Buying pants a size bigger to get a better length does work although they may appear baggy. A way to balance out your outfit with loose pants is to wear a fitted jacket, shirt, or blouse.

Tall Pants(

Some ladies try men’s clothing because it has the length they need, however this is not a good ideaas men’s clothing does not have the fitted shapes to flatter your body, making you appear bulky and shapeless. There are plenty of clothing stores that cater to tall woman such as Long Tall Sally (, Banana Republic (, and Old Navy ( .

If you wish to appear not as tall, horizontal stripes are great. A variety of small patterns is a great thing too because your height allows you to wear them without being bulky. If you want to wear bigger patterns just be sure to wear them on your top or bottom half only. Bigger patterns on both top and bottom at the same time, such as a dress, will give the illusion of appearing bigger. Another thing to avoid the illusion of appearing bigger is shoulder pads as they add bulkiness to the top half of your body.

Mini Skirt (

For those nights out on the town, miniskirts were made with you tall ladies in mind and really are flattering by making your long legs appear slimmer than they already are. Stick with a skirt that has no patterns to really rock the look, especially worn with heals. Tall women can definitely get away with wearing heals, however if you feel they make you too tall, it’s simple, just wear flat shoes. There are plenty of dressy and casual flat shoe options out there to try!