Do’s and don’ts for those Petite ladies

Here is a quick & easy guide for those petite ladies out there. As you may already know, petite clothing, for the petite (shorter) woman, is shorter in length and more tapered in from the sides.
First things first: never wear anything cropped, meaning shorter than they should be, including shirts, pants, and jackets, this makes you look shorter. The patterns on your clothing benefit you as well; vertical lines are a great choice to help you appear tall, if that’s what you want. Not only do the designs on your clothes help you appear taller, but so does your hair. Wear it in high buns and pony tails.

What if you find those perfect tops or comfy work pants that are aren’t petite? The answer: A tailor is a great investment to help you get your clothes the length you want them to be. It’s hard to resist when you know a couple inches is the only thing getting the way of you looking cute! Sometimes with pants, however, just add a pair of heels so the bottoms of your pants are no longer touching the floor.

While trying on long sleeve shirts, lift your arms up, things may fit too short sometimes. Going the next size up can solve that problem. One important thing to keep in mind is that not all designers have the same fit for your size. Hopefully these guidelines will steer you petite ladies in the right direction to feeling taller and happier with the length of your outfits. Happy shopping!