Keeping it Simple

These days, being on the go, go, go, may leave no chance to dress as trendy you’d like. It takes time, time, and more time to put yourself completely together before the warm weather events you are dragged into. Am I right or am I right? This Summer season, there are ways to make things a little easier and fun, whether it’s after work or on the weekend, fast and trendy outfits are the best way to go. Here are a few specific trend options for you to simply slip on or carry around with you to help keep your busy life simple and stylish at the same time.

First to mention is anything with a floral print from skirts to shirts, dresses and purses. Floral will add a bright and happy pattern to every outfit no matter what other colors you are wearing. A touch of floral puts you right in the spotlight of the season and is best paired with solid brights, darks, denim, or cotton.

Another simple, trendy pattern is paisley. There is no limit as to what or how many colors you can have in a paisley item. Use a paisley patterned bag for travel, a day out shopping, or going to the beach, and you’ll be walking in style. Another great option is a paisley shirt paired with your denim bottoms. This look is simple but stylish with the unique paisley spicing up a simple denim item.

A unique touch to outfits is something see-through. Mesh tops with a skirt, leggings or skinny jeans make a stylish yet simple outfit. These tops can be paired with a tee shirt, tank top, or bandeau underneath, which is a spandex based top that just covers your bra. Be sure to look for a bright/neon bandeau to go with a white or black mesh top to add a splash of color.

Hopefully you are inspired to try these ideas as they bring variety, yet are able to keep up with you!