A Fresh, Crisp Summer

The color white is a great for summertime, it’s has a fresh, crisp, and clean feel and makes things more exciting than your everyday denim. Jeans that you can pair with any summer color are a must-have to look and feel refreshed this summer and can be worn with any color and style top.

Flared denim jeans had their time to shine last year, but are making a comeback and cuter than ever with stretch, cotton tees. Wide leg white denim with buttons on each hip to create a nautical look are perfect for this season. Its best to avoid striped shirts, you don’t want to go overoard and into the water with the sailor look.

On the opposite side of the boat; instead of the wide leg, try straight leg denim in white. This is for the ladies who like their skin tight jeans, but want a break from the heat to let in some air flow. I am sure you’ll be glad to be in them once the sun is beaming down at 3PM.¬†One of the biggest ongoing trends, the crop top is great with white, high-waisters. Rock this look with some wedges or strappy sandals. White jeans will help you to start your outfit with a blank, or should I say, white slate and help you build an outfit you love with creativity, as you are uniquely you.