Embracing the New Kimono Trend

The Kimono, a Japanese-inspired piece, is taking off with excitement and variety this spring season. It has originally, for many, many years been a silk, wide sleeved robe wrapped with a belt. Right now, the look is found in many different clothing stores made of less expensive and easy to care for fabrics such as sateen, polyester, cotton, and rayon. They consist of tassel trims, loose, large sleeves, and ethnic and bright colored patterns for casual, work, and evening.

Not only do they come in a variety of colors and patterns but also many different lengths. Wear a cardigan style kimono to compliment just your top underneath, with a summer dress, or a longer one for your entire outfit! Long kimonos are great with shorts and a short dress to turn it into a daytime friendly piece. Even pair long ones with a long maxi dress for a boho chic look.

For work wear, spice up your skinny black trouser pants and white blouse with a printed kimono blazer. On the other side of the spectrum, a night out on the town, slip into a sheer kimono top over a little black dress. Or even better, a kimono dress with a belt at the waist, paired with wedges. Comfortable and beautiful, what a great combination!

Kimonos are also great as a bathing suit cover up if you get chilly on the shore during the day or during summer night winds. Something similar to a bathing suit top, a bra-let, shows a lot of skin, but becomes nicely balanced when paired with a kimono. So does the crop top and high-waisted bottoms look that you see in the picture to the right.





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