A Sneak Peek Into Spring

Although it may not seem like it, Spring weather is just around the corner. So are some fantastic new trends to look forward to. Let’s have a little sneak peak at what to expect when these winter blues go away and we can finally wear some warm colors.

The first trend to mention is the super soft, easy to love, suede. Get ready to find it in jackets, separates, and dresses, in taupe, lavender, and even bright purples and oranges. Stripes will be a big trend to look out for too. Vertical  stripes, to be exact, a little different from the traditional way we usual wear them which makes this look more interesting.

Something that’s not so surprising, the mesh trend, will be returning this Spring. It was around last Spring and Summer too, there’s just something about this easygoing fabric that’s hard to resist. Maybe the fact that it can be sophisticated and fun at the same time. Speaking of fun, get this, the buckle free belt will be in style–and that’s exactly what you’ll feel like, free, free of the hassle of belt buckles. Put it around anything from your suit jackets, vests, and of course any style pants.

Leather, silk, and feather-like tassels have hit the runway to

bring fringe into our wardrobe. Easy to handle, but hard to decide which one to wear! Another dazzling, dangling item is the long, thin scarf in many different patterns.






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