A Few Fun and Trendy Scarf Ideas

Scarves are so easy to love with their versatility from the patterns to the outfits they get paired with. One great scarf trend to wear this winter season is polka dots, especially in red and black. There are some polka dot scarves that come with stripes on them as well. Or wear just stripes and leave the polka dots behind! Stripes are personally my favorite because they’re simple and chic all at once.  Wear a red and white polka scarf with a bright red top, for a classy combination.


Are you a country girl or just a lover of the plaid pattern? Well you’re in luck; it’s the next on my list. Wear one with a long denim button down top, leggings and your cowgirl boots—how adorable!


For complete warmth, the knit scarf is number one way to go. This trend with buttons is great worn with turtle necks, tees, and sweaters. Find them with acrylic yarn for something less itchy and soft to the touch.

If you want something dressier yet still warm, try a lace scarf. You can wear them after winter is over too as a lariat, neck wrap, or shawl necklace.  Give this style a shot in mint green, it will make you stand out and looks amazing in the Spring and Summer.

The next pattern trend, the most appealing and attracting one, floral, comes in endless colors and patterns. Big or small, floral prints are beautiful to wear with any outfit. Carry it into the spring with you to wear with dresses and wear now with button down sweaters and a long necklace.

Who could forget about animal prints? This trend is ongoing and so much fun. Wear it during the day to keep warm and into the night for a trendy, mischievous look.