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 The 2021 schedule is just about complete.We have added two Enduro Series events. The first will be the Freedom 100, 100 laps for 4 Cyl on July 3 and the second will be 50 lap events for both the 4 Cyl and a combined V6/V8 event on Aug. 7. Leon Keniston will be handling tech and info for these events.The Six Shooters will have two special 35 lap events presented by the Washburn Family with extra bonus money. The first will be on JUly 10, the Don & Aline Coster Memorial and the second on Pre-Howler Friday Oct 23, the Lizz Paradise Memorial.

The schedule for the 56th Annual Star Classic Weekend is done and will once again be 3 days full or racing.Friday the 17th will be the MRS 100, Ken Izzett Construction Late Models, Pure Stocks and Slingshots.Saturday the 18th will see action for the NEMA and NEMA Lites, NELCAR Legends, the 1st Annual Dennis Mckennedy Memorial 60 for the 350 Supers and the Bob Webber Sr Memorial 125 for the ISMA Supers.Sunday Sept 19 will have the GSPSS Vynorius 100, Exit Realty Trucks presented by Hedges Excavation and Ty Cooper Landholdings, EKeys 4 Cars Classic Lites, Woodys Streets and Six Shooters.

Yesterday was a very busy day with many drivers from all divisions turning in registrations, license forms and pit pad rentals.We had out first duplication come in as Jenna Beaulieu was first to register #67 for the Six Shooters with Bryce Pynn having to change his 2021 number to #65.Pit pad rentals are going fast. Like we have posted many times, you must have a car registration on file in order to reserve a pit pad. We will be assigning pit pads this year and you will be assigned with divisions being put together. Some of you may end up in same area or spot you were in while others may be direct opposite from years past. This is why we ask you to check off where you prefer, we can take a consensus of others in your division and assign where the majority have checked as preferable.

With the majority of nights this year seeing Late Models and 350s running together we will be tight on cement pads those nights. No matter where you end up assigned, having a reservation paid for assures you a spot on all nights except the few listed on the reservation form. Regardless of division, whether a 350 or Pure Stock, if you do not have a reservation you may be forced to park in a less than desirable spot on a busy night. Its part of the problem of having a good car count and one we are happy to have. We will be trying to help this situation by pouring another batch of pads again in the Spring.Watch for the full 2021 schedule to be released in the next few days.

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