Things To Add To Your Backyard This Summer

With the cold temperatures of winter in the past, kids (and their parents) are itching to get outside and play. While going to the park can fun, would you like to enjoy your own backyard instead? With the fun additions below, you’ll be able to do just this. These are some of the best toys and accessories for outdoor play for kids and parents alike.

1. Sandpit 

Why make a special trip to the beach just to play in the sand? With a sandpit in your yard, you’ll have a dedicated play space for your little ones to build houses or even play construction crew. What’s even better is that the pit is contained to one area, so you won’t end up with sand all over the rest of your yard.

2. In-Ground Trampoline 

If you want to minimize the risk of injury while still letting your little ones jump and play, in-ground trampolines are an ideal choice. These are installed directly on the ground so they take up less space, are much easier for small kids to get on, and can easily be covered during the cooler months of the year.

3. Inflatable Movie Screen 

Take movie viewing to a new level by doing it outdoors with a giant inflatable movie screen and projector. This can bring the entire family together to do something fun, especially when the weather is nice. Whether you make this a Friday night tradition during the summer or only do it on special occasions, it’s something everyone in the family will be sure to love.

4. Kid-Sized Picnic Table 

Eating on a blanket in the grass can be fun until the bugs show up. Avoid these and keep everyone comfortable with a kid-sized picnic table. Some of these even have convertible chairs that fold into the base, which takes up less space and makes it easy to put away. With one of these, it will be much easier to have lunch or even dinner in your backyard.

5. Chair Swing 

With a chair swing, you can read a book, listen to music, or relax outdoors without the sun beating down on you. The swinging motion will also create a nice breeze to help you cool off when temperatures soar. Anyone in the family can sit on one of these, making it an investment you’ll get a lot of use out of.

If you’re looking for something that can fit more people, then bench swings are great alternatives. These have enough space for at least two adults and most have canopies over them to provide protection from the sun. Many units even lay flat so you can take a nice nap outside in a more comfortable position.

6. Tent with Inflatable Bed 

There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than by camping. If you don’t have time to go on a trip, then try camping in your backyard with a big tent and inflatable bed. Both kids and adults can be comfortable and take a break from electronics while they enjoy being outside for the evening. An added benefit of this adventure is being able to introduce your kids to outdoor sleeping so they will be more comfortable when you go on a camping trip in the future.

7. Bouncy House 

Inflatable bouncy houses, especially those that have slides, provide kids with hours of safe and contained fun in the backyard. With one of these, you’ll have your children excited to go outside rather than stay in and watch television. This can offer more fun for the entire summer, especially when friends come to visit.

While this is an investment, it’s one that can be worth it if you have little ones. It’s also easy to store, as it can be deflated and packed away until the next summer. This is one addition you’ll be able to use for years to come.

Enjoying the Outdoors Without Going Far 

Your backyard can make for an excellent play space during the summer with the additions listed above. Whether you go with a bouncy house during the day or inflatable movie screen at night, you’re certain to want to spend more time outside. While going on adventures can be a lot of fun, these offer immediate entertainment without requiring any time to travel.