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How to Update Your Old Website

If you are using a website to market your business on the internet, it’s important to keep it updated. Links can break, your design can go out of date, the content that you used in the past may not be relevant anymore and new keywords may be able to increase your traffic. Here are six tips that you can use to make sure that your site is up to date:

Updating Your Content 

Updated content is not only valuable for people who visit your site, but it will also help rank your website higher in search results. When search engine spiders crawl your site, they like to see new content. Now, you may be thinking that this means adding new posts to your site. While that is a good idea, you can actually update your old content and republish it to increase value.

If your business is involved in an industry that has frequent changes, doing this is important. For example, if you have an article on your website that explains the specifications and benefits of a product that you sell, you’ll want to add new content to that article and republish it if those specs aren’t relevant anymore or if you’ve introduced a new model.

Updating Broken Links 

With a multitude of tasks to accomplish each day, tracking down broken links is probably not at the top of your list of important things to accomplish. However, it is one aspect of your site that leads to higher bounce rates. If a visitor is getting 404 errors due to broken links on your site, those dead links need to be remedied. Fortunately, you can use tools to check and see if you have any problems.

Updating Your Design 

Website design is always changing. What may have looked great a year and a half ago, may be outdated by now. Minimalism, moving images and bold typefaces are some design changes that you might want to consider. For inspiration, you can check out what top web design companies are currently doing in this space. Having your website refreshed with a custom design can be affordable, and it can also make a drastic change in the way that people feel about your site when they first land on it. Remember, first impressions matter.

Updating Your Keywords 

If your business has changed one of your service or product offerings to suit your customers, you may need to update your keywords. In the past, the keywords that you placed in your content may have been relevant. If that’s changed, your search engine optimization may not be driving in as much traffic as it could be. Seo tools are a big help in this area. You can use them to increase your presence in local search or discover keywords that you may not be utilizing at all.

Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly 

Google has indicated that mobile-friendly websites will receive higher rankings in their search engine. This makes sense. If you are using a smartphone and the website you are viewing doesn’t look good in your browser, you are probably going to leave that site. Making sure that your site has a responsive design will alleviate that from happening. This type of design is coded so that your website can be seen by anyone using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Updating your site to accommodate all types of platforms will really help create a more valuable experience for visitors.

Your Site Must Load Fast 

Another factor that Google looks at when ranking a website is how fast it loads information. If you’ve ever landed on a website that takes more than a few seconds to load, do you continue to wait or do you keep searching? Using a content delivery network (CDN) is one way to speed up your website. It works by distributing a group of servers in different locations. Each server has a current copy of your website on it so that when people in that location search through your site, it loads information from the CDN server that’s closest to them. This increases the speed due to the shorter distance.

Summing It Up 

If you have an older site that’s been sitting there with the same theme and old content, you can see why updating your website is important. By following these recommendations, it should help increase the value of your site, which will also lead to fewer bounce rates and more visitors.

How to Avoid Entrepreneurship Burnout

Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding experiences that can lead you to your destiny. As a businessperson, it gives you an opportunity to be your own boss, create your own rules, and set a flexible schedule. Additionally, you can easily set goals and work closely with your employees to attain them before the deadline. However, all these advantages come at a cost. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to have the right attitude. Entrepreneurship demands a lot of time, dedication, hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. If you want to outshine your competitors, you have to make the right decisions. As an entrepreneur, you are likely to succumb to burnout and stress because you are in charge of different activities, including managing your employees, creating budgets, and executing the day-to-day tasks. Partner disputes and other internal problems are also likely to lead to entrepreneurship burnout.

Some of the common symptoms of burnout include anxiety, feeling exhausted or frustrated, and depression. Your business is likely to fall without you. Therefore, avoiding exhaustion and stress should be your top priority. It is crucial to your continued success, growth, and health. Here are some essential strategies to prevent entrepreneurial burnout:

1. Set Realistic Goals 
Lack of clarity and a clear vision lead to anxiety and mental fatigue. Most of the entrepreneurs who succumb to depression and burnout fail to evaluate and establish their plan, vision, and purpose. When setting business goals, it is advisable to be realistic to avoid disappointing your customers and prospects. For instance, if you want to launch a specific product or service by the end of the year, which can take two or three years realistically, you are likely to feel burned off after failing. You should work with an experienced mentor to help you create realistic expectations.

2. Exercise and Eat Well 
You need a healthy body to perform your daily activities well. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of your health to avoid mental and physical exhaustion, which can hinder you from executing the day-to-day tasks. You should perform physical exercises regularly to keep your body active. Engaging yourself in aerobics is one of the best strategies to battle stress and burnout. Exercises will also boost your self-esteem and give you the confidence to tackle your daily tasks. For instance, you can jog, run, stretch or walk for at least 30 minutes per day. Moreover, it is advisable to eat balanced diets to boost your immune system and energy. Eating well will improve your sleep, stabilize your mood, and minimize entrepreneurship burnout.

3. Delegate What You Do Not Enjoy Doing 
Dealing with the same people every day or performing a similar activity repetitively can lead to exhaustion and entrepreneurship burnout. If you feel exhausted, it is advisable to change your routine and adopt a new one that will work for you. For instance, if you do not enjoy performing a particular activity, you should delegate it to one of your reliable employees. This will give you an opportunity to commit your energy and time to your favorite activity. Apart from battling stress and burnout, delegating duties will improve the skills and knowledge of your employees.

4. Take Real Breaks and Have Fun 
As an entrepreneur, it is essential to maintain a work-life balance. You should not abandon your family and friends. Therefore, although it is hard to break away from work, it is advisable to create and spend time with your friends and family members. For instance, after working and achieving your annual goals, you should take a month off and visit your favorite beaches with your loved ones. Taking a short break will prevent entrepreneurship burnout, restore your energy, and boost your creativity.

5. Build a Great Team 
You should surround yourself with a multitalented team to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Entrepreneurship is an overwhelming process that requires teamwork and determination. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you have to hire the right people who can run your business when you are away. For instance, when you take a month off, you should not close down your business. You should entrust it to a trustworthy manager who will oversee the execution of duties and management of finances. Additionally, you should create a good environment for your workers and build excellent systems, which will help in avoiding entrepreneurship burnout.

Additionally, it is advisable to take time and figure out stress triggers in your life. You should analyze your stressful moments thoroughly because they can lead to entrepreneurship burnout. Once you figure them out, you should take the necessary measures to curb them. For instance, you can seek the services of a motivation speaker for inspiration. Additionally, you can avoid engaging yourself in things that make you frustrated. If you observe these strategies, you will run your business successful without experiencing entrepreneurship burnout and depression.

Vitamins and Minerals: How to Get What You Need

People have a hard time getting all the minerals and vitamins they need. This issue could be linked to all sorts of factors like your diet to the quality of the food you eat. The following are a few tips to help you get all the minerals and vitamins you need.

Reconsider the Foods You Eat

One important step you need to take is to reconsider the foods you eat. The reasons you may have a deficiency has to do with the type of food you eat. Many commercially available foods do not contain as much minerals and vitamins as they should, which is especially true for heavily processed foods.

What you want to do is stay away from foods that are severely processed or contain artificial ingredients. You also want to try to eat foods that were organically produced, which should contain more nutrients. Additionally, you should also make sure you eat local foods because foods tend to lose nutrients as they age, so you do not want to eat foods that were traveling through several countries to get to you when you can simply eat local foods instead.

Rethink the Way You Eat

A lot of people are guilty of falling into the “I like what I like” pattern of eating, and this is not helpful. You know you have been a victim of this pattern of thinking if you normally buy the same products in the store, or you only eat specific meats and nothing else. The reason you do not want to do this is because the diversity of foods exposes your body to different nutrients and minerals you might be missing.

For example, many people who eat meat never try specialty meats, such as beef tongue or organ meats. The same thing goes for people who do not eat meat from other animals such as kangaroo, venison, or other “strange” meats. People are also guilty of sticking to a few vegetables; for example, you might eat collard greens but never try dandelion greens. The best thing you can do is try to buy a variety of foods, especially what grows seasonally in your area.

A Supplemental Touch

It would be nice to say that you can depend solely on the foods you eat to get all the nutrients and minerals your body needs, but that is simply not possible. The earth’s soil is simply not as nutritious as it used to be for a number of reasons like human-based pollution for one. Thankfully, there are still pockets of unpolluted and rich soil around the world where you can extract stronger forms of nutrients like fulvic acid.

This ingredient can be found in the plant matter from rainforests that used to exist in Mississippi about 40 million years ago. The plant matter was pushed down by a glacier, and it has been protected by the earth all those years. The natural supplement is now available and represents one of the supplements out there that help provide full strength nutrients to people hoping to improve their health with food. Some of the other options available include supplements that contain extracts from things like superfruits that are still relatively untouched by human pollution and grow in bio-rich regions of the world.

These are just some of the steps you can take to feel better. but there are other changes to consider like lifestyle changes. Sure, lifestyle changes were mentioned earlier, but those were referring to the type of food you ate and your eating behavior. You also have to consider your lifestyle.

At the moment, more people are going in for all sorts of reasons like escaping the heat. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be under the hot sun, but that does not mean you cannot sun bathe in the morning when the sun is not too intense. Vitamin D is vital for proper nutrient intake, yet most people are staying indoors, which is something you need to consider.

3 Things to Avoid When Having a Home Built

Having a home built is exciting. You’ll be building a home that, hopefully, is your dream home – or a home you really like. It’s a time when you can settle into a new area, but there are a lot of hurdles along the way that will make the process tedious.

Builders not showing up a few days a month can extend the time it takes to build the home.

Storms and bad weather can cause the building process to be delayed. Financing the project can be a hassle, and an increase in costs is more common than most people are prepared for when going into the building process.

When having a home built, you’ll want to avoid:

1. Being Oversold

It’s possible that you’ll be oversold when having a home built. Architects or the seller of the home may advise you to add an extra room here or extra space there. It’s not that these experts don’t have your best interests in mind, but every addition adds to the overall cost of the home.

Before agreeing on any additional space or rooms being added, make sure that you give yourself a day or two to mull over the recommendations.

You, and only you, know the lifestyle and needs of your family.

2. Stay Out of the Building Site

If you are like most soon-to-be homeowners, you’re very anxious to see the progress made on your home. But, there’s also the issue of homeowners going to the building site whenever they want.

“For every law-abiding citizen holding a door for you, it seems there are even more people seemingly ready to put you or your family at risk,” claims DePaolo & Zadeikis. But entering into a construction zone, even if the construction is your own home, may result in you being negligent.

Let’s assume you went to the building site after all of the workers went home and tripped and fell.

You’re not going to be able to sue for damages because you were negligent by going into an active construction site. If you want to view the progress being made, ask the supervisor to schedule a viewing of the progress.

3. Overextending Your Budget

You’re having your dream home built, and the price estimate suggests that the home will cost $150,000 to build. But, there are too many variables in the equation for this to be an accurate estimate.

Rather, construction loans will account for a 10% to 20% overage on the “estimated” cost of the home.

Lenders realize that the construction process may cost more than initially stated, but you can also help by not choosing every upgrade to the base home available. You may have to wait to have hardwood floors added into the home or to upgrade the countertops to granite.

Always keep your budget in mind when building a home, and ideally, you’ll make sure that the costs are a decent amount lower than the total loan amount that you have been approved to take out.

What to Do If a Vehicle Defect Led to an Accident

Sometimes, a car accident may not have been your fault. Imagine driving behind another driver, the stoplight turns red, and you press on the brakes. But, unlike every other time you’ve stepped on the brakes, this time, the vehicle continues moving forward and hits the back of the driver in front of you.

This is a scenario wherein a defect may be to blame for the accident.

Daimler recalled vehicles for loose brake calipers. So, this scenario is not as unlikely as a lot of drivers assume.

But, while unlikely, the following are common car defects seen in an accident:

  • Airbags deploying too rapidly
  • Airbags not deploying
  • Airbags deploying when they’re not meant to deploy
  • Seatbelts that don’t stay latched during impact
  • Roof collapse
  • Electric defect fires
  • Sudden acceleration

If you know, for sure, that your vehicle did not function properly, you’ll want to call on the help of a professional. There are 2.2 million accidents annually, so there’s a chance that your accident was caused by vehicle factors as experienced in 44,000 of the accidents.

You can start by doing a little research of your own.

Determine if a Recall was Overlooked by You or Previous Owners

Airbags are the biggest recall in recent history, and the Takata Corporation is the one leading the industry in defective airbags. There are some 7.8 million defective airbags that were installed in vehicles.

But, what happens if you have received a recall notice, multiple times, and didn’t correct the issue?

You may not have a case because the manufacturer alerted you of the issue and you failed to have the issue remedied.

Of course, if the accident occurred while waiting for the service to be rendered or you just received the recall notice, you’ll want to document the date of receipt as well as the date of the accident.

Research Common Issues with Your Vehicle

Online forums are filled with car enthusiasts that are talking about all of the issues that a vehicle is facing. You’ll be able to find forums for most vehicles, years and models, so take this time to ask if anyone suffered a similar accident.

You’ll also want to search for any other accounts of a similar accident. Perhaps other drivers had their brakes fail and it led to an accident.

Call on the Help of Experts

Discuss your vehicle’s issues and the events leading to the accident with a lawyer. The lawyer you choose should have experience with defective products and vehicles. And what the lawyer will do is research the potential of a product defect.

Expert may be dispatched to examine the vehicle and components that may have led to the part failure.

This is a very rigorous, long process because automakers will fight back with much deeper pockets than a regular driver. But if an expert does find that a product default caused the accident, you may have a very strong, legal case that may lead to other lives being saved, accidents being avoided and large-scale lawsuits against the manufacturer.

Document the incident from the start to ensure no detail of the accident goes overlooked.

Help My Parent Was Hurt in a Nursing Home

Nursing home abuse is on the rise. An aging population has led more elders in nursing homes, and based off of just the massive increase in patients alone, it’s easy to understand how abuse can rise.

If a parent is in a nursing home and was hurt, there are a few steps to take to correct the issue.

Understanding What is Considered Abuse

Abuse must be proven, and to be able to stop an issue from occurring, it’s important to know that abuse may mean:

  • Threats
  • Intimidation
  • Unnecessary restraints
  • Sexual abuse
  • Violence
  • Ignoring patient requests
  • Refusal to administer treatment
  • Withholding food
  • Overmedication or withholding medication

“Nursing home facilities are responsible for ensuring patients receive their medication in a timely manner. Miscommunication, understaffing, negligent training procedures, malfeasance, and other factors can cause caregivers to ‘forget’ to give a patient medication,” explains Steinberg Goodman & Kalish.

All of the above circumstances can lead to a parent being hurt in a nursing home.

You may also notice the following signs of elder abuse:

  • Bruises
  • Sores
  • Depression
  • Reluctance to speak
  • Weight loss
  • Injuries
  • Infections
  • Bedsores
  • Withdrawal

Oftentimes, a person that is being hurt in a nursing home will have unexplained injuries or injuries that don’t make sense to their family.

Steps to Take to Help Your Parent

If you suspect your parent is being hurt or harmed in some form, it’s important to bring the issue to the attention of the facility’s management. The management team will conduct an internal investigation into the matter.

But if the situation is serious or ongoing, you’ll want to also contact local law enforcement.

State Agencies that deal with crime will also need to be alerted. Your state will investigate the case and pursue any sanctions against the facility.

If you can, remove the patient from the facility if the abuse or neglect continues.

Pursue Legal Action Against the Nursing Home / Abuser

Nursing homes and/or employees that are involved in the abuse or neglect can have legal action taken against them. Victims of abuse will need to seek out legal counsel that will help them navigate the legal process properly.

An investigation into the abuse needs to be conducted.

Evidence of the abuse will be lost or destroyed if you wait too long, so it’s important to:

  • Contact a legal professional that deals with nursing home abuse.
  • Obtain reports and records from the facility.
  • Take photos and videos of the injuries.
  • Record all names of anyone that may be involved in the abuse or allowed it to happen.
  • Document any conditions that the resident may have been exposed to, such as hazardous or unsanitary conditions.

Documentation and proof of the abuse or neglect is vital to your winning the case. Nursing homes and the employees that work in them will try and avoid any legal action. You’ll face an uphill battle without proper evidence because no one wants to be held accountable for their actions.

In some cases, a hidden camera may be installed that will record the abuse so that the video can be used as evidence.

How Small Businesses Can Manage Their Impact on the Environment

The conversation on environmental conservation efforts is picking up pace and with good reason. The environment continues to suffer from the effects of pollution and global warming as a result of human and business operations, and there is a need to stop this. However, large manufacturing and industrial corporations have been the focus of environmental conservation endeavors, yet, the efforts are a collective responsibility that requires all to participate. Both large firms and small businesses have a role to play. Here is a look at some strategies small businesses can adopt in their operations as they play their part in preserving the ecosystem.

Adopting Energy Efficiency Policies
Electricity generation increases carbon emissions. This is because most power generating machinery run on fuel. Therefore, increased power consumption leads to increased carbon emissions. Every business has fallen victim to high electricity consumption with an equally high bill. The primary factor driving the power bills soaring is often an issue of inappropriate power practice. Leaving the lights on when not in use, not powering down the machines that can remain off overnight, using non-energy efficient lighting systems among others are top contributors to power wastage. Small businesses can remedy this by using energy efficient methods in their operations. They can start by using energy-saving lighting, and remodel the business premises to allow for more natural light during the day. Furthermore, any machinery not in use should be powered down.

Advocating for Better Recycling Initiatives
Research continues to show how the environment has become a choking hazard for both marine and land life. Oceans and lands are littered with plastics and other non-degradable items. Given that recycling efforts are in place in most organizations, clearly more needs to be done to reduce the waste seen in the environment. Entities should invest in the latest recycling initiatives. This culture should also be extended to their staff to ensure they too practicing recycling away from work. This goes a long way in reducing the non-degradable waste choking the environment.

Encouraging Carpooling in the Workplace
Car fumes significantly contribute to the carbon footprint affecting the atmosphere. Businesses can encourage carpooling as a policy in the company as they play a part in reducing these emissions. Alternatively, the companies can offer transport to all its staff from their homes, to their workplace and back again. Some companies have promoted the use of public transport or the use of bicycles as a means of transportation. Small enterprises can also adopt this policy. Carpooling, cycling, use of public or company-provided transport as a policy is a win in all fronts. The staff members save on transport costs, the company improves the staff’s working environment, and there are fewer carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Insisting on the Use of Eco-friendly Cleaning Agents
This may come as a surprise, but some products contain chemicals deemed hazardous to the environment and may also affect human health. Companies should insist on the purchase and use of Eco-friendly products within the company. This action has a trickle-down effect on the company’s employees. They are sure to take the initiative up and use Eco-friendly cleaning products in their homes.

Participation in Social Environmental Welfare Activities
The environmental management discussion extends to the ways businesses and the community at large can collectively participate in bettering the environment. Clean-up and tree planting exercises top the list of social, environmental welfare activities an entity can embrace. Small businesses can be part of these initiatives either through initiating or sponsoring said programs. This way, the companies adopt an environment rejuvenation policy as part of their contribution to a safer and cleaner environment.

All stakeholders on planet earth must protect the ecosystem. It is, therefore, incumbent on all individuals and entities to play their role in protecting the environment, no matter how small the initiatives. This will ensure the environment is safe and clean for all.

5 Legitimate Ways to Earn Side Income

Let’s be honest: everyone could use a little extra money every month. Maybe you want to save for a vacation, or just stop living paycheck to paycheck. Whatever your reasons, there are ways to earn side income without having to give up all of your free time. Here are five legitimate ways to make some extra cash each month.

1. Sell Your Gently Used Clothing

Selling gently used clothing won’t make you rich, but if you play your cards right, you could make some extra money every month with this strategy.

Start by going through your closet and picking out clothing items you haven’t worn in a while. If you need fast cash, you can take your clothes to a local consignment shop, like Plato’s Closet. Or, you can sell online at sites like ThredUp and Poshmark. It may take some time to find buyers, but you’ll almost always get more money this way.

If you plan to sell clothes online, you’ll need to:

  • Take clear, well-lit photos
  • Compare and research prices to set competitive prices

Start with your own clothing items. Once you have a few sales under your belt, you can try shopping at local thrift stores, like Goodwill, to find gently used clothes to sell.

2. Freelance

Virtually everyone has a skill they can use for freelance work. From design to writing, data entry, translation, programming and marketing, the freelancing world is vast.

Websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer make it easy to get started and build a client base. If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can offer your services through One Hour Translation or Gengo.

It can take some time to get clients and build a portfolio, but the beauty of freelance work is that you can charge whatever you want as your rate (within reason, of course).

3. Become a Rideshare Driver

If you have a driver’s license, a smartphone and a car, you can earn extra cash driving for Uber or Lyft. It’s easy to get started, it’s easy to make money and it’s easy to get paid.

The key to success as a rideshare driver is location. If you live in a rural area, there may not be a high demand for ridesharing services, but if you live in or near a big city, you may be able to work as much and as often as you’d like.

In Chicago, for example, Lyft and Uber drivers make about $15-$20 an hour, but in a rural area, drivers may only wind up making about minimum wage due to low demand and farther driving distances.

If you’re in a good location, driving for Uber or Lyft may be a great way to earn legitimate and substantial side income.

4. Work as a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can earn money working from home helping other people complete tasks. It’s easy to get started as a virtual assistant thanks to websites like, Upwork and

To succeed, you’ll need to have excellent organizational and time management skills.

5. Start a Blog

If you have a passion for something and excellent writing skills, you can turn your passion into a blog. Maybe you love fitness, cars, hiking or exploring the weird and unknown mysteries of the world. No matter what you’re into, you can create a blog about something that interests you.

Starting a blog doesn’t require a whole lot of resources – just a lot of time. In fact, you can create a free blog on If you’re serious though, you should invest in your own domain name and purchase hosting for your new blog.

Understanding Your Rights As An Employee

An employee also has their own rights when working. That’s why employers could get sued when they are treating their workers as slaves or if the treatment seems to be too unfair (e.g. low salary). These laws for employee rights also include benefits for getting the right health care, safety equipment, and procedures during an emergency or when handling hazardous objects, and regulations to prevent bullying. This article shall guide you in expanding all of these details for you to become familiar with employee rights, written as laws for the sake of your own benefit and safety at work.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is capable of covering all of the rights and different responsibilities as employees interact with their respective employers. The law makes sure that it is updated regularly in order to cover every corner of the employer-employee relationship process and its various situations that may lead to an issue. There are numerous wrongful acts that may occur within an employer-employee relationship such as office politics, discrimination and wrongful means of promotion, termination, and improper means of providing taxes and wages. Employment law is ranged from job applicants down to former workers of a certain employer.

Basically, your employer must be legally responsible for keeping a safe environment for your employees, while granting them the right security and protection as they do their job. The employer should also protect the workers from any form of bullying and discrimination. It also gives them equal rights over the payment, workload and the conditions given to them.

At the same time, the employee must learn the different conditions set by their employer, which includes their terms and privacy, the monthly wage, hours of operation and work, break times and entitlement to take a leave. The employment law also requires workers to work according to their own health condition and safety, while keeping co-workers safe as well. It also advises employees to be aware and proactive if their employer is not providing their own responsibilities over their employees (e.g. office politics and improper management).

However, if the employer-employee relationship is based on a contractual basis, the contract law may be a better solution for this matter instead.

The Several Classifications Of Your Employee Rights

One’s employee rights are classified into different categories to further understand the overall scope of employment law. You can use these rights to your own advantage over certain issues that may affect your own career and status at your workplace. Here are the following:

Hiring Procedures

This gives you the rights to get hired accordingly to your skills and how you were actually evaluated during the interview. This also covers issues involving an improper interview due to an interviewer’s attitude towards the applicant. This also covers the rights of employees to be properly classified according to their overall capabilities as a worker.

Unfair Treatment

Unpaid wages are one of the worst cases of unfair treatment for employees. What’s worse is that these often occur in low-wage workplaces. Some instances are severe to the point where some employees are forced to work overtime while getting an underpaid service with no overtime bonuses at all. These cases should be handled immediately to ensure a fair means of working. These also include sudden cancellation or delay in providing an employee’s benefits or leave of absence.

Discrimination and Bullying

Any form of discrimination based on your disabilities, sex, age, race, and religion can be reported to a lawyer in order for them to legally handle it. Everyone as the right to work as an equal employee as they were hired because of their capability to work properly. On the other hand, bullying can lower a person’s morale at work and can cause them to become unproductive over time. It also placed unnecessary stress on an employee when they are bullied. That’s why cases of bullying must be immediately reported.

Harassment and Violence

There are more severe cases such as harassment where certain employees may help one another to bring a certain person down through severe bullying. One of the most alarming and common types of harassment is when higher-ups are pressuring certain employees, particularly women, to have sexual intercourse with them. Some even threaten the employee by using a certain word they used at work. All of these can be treated accordingly by the law as well.

Health and Safety

The workplace should be a safe environment. These will require the company to place notices on hazardous areas. Clinics should be provided at the offices to ensure that the employees can get immediate treatment when they get sick or when they got injured at work. Health care benefits should also be a top priority as an employee benefit as well. Accidents such as slipping and falling while on the job, resulting in injuries, can be reported to an attorney if the area appears to have a broken flooring or a wet one due to certain damage (e.g. water leakage from the ceiling). Blackstone Law states “falls usually causes traumatic brain injuries to patients and more than 30,000 fatalities every year”. That’s why even the cause of a simple slip down the floor must be handled immediately. Otherwise, the next one who may slip may get their head hit too hard on the floor, giving them a risk of sustaining a horrible injury. The workplace should also have surveillance and security in order to prevent any anomalous activities within the premises of the company.

Preventing Conspiracies and Creating Unions

Work unions are at risk of getting terminated especially if they are contradicting the ideals and favors of their bosses. However, if the union appears to be righteous for the sake of an employee’s benefit, then the union can get the assistance of the law in dealing with unfair employers. Collective actions and whistleblowing can be covered by the law to prevent any anomaly within the company and its business.

These are the several rights that are completely covered by employment laws. It is extremely important for every worker to understand all of these because these are their actual advantage. It’s understood that only a few will have the time to read all of these. But anyone who reached the end of this article is now capable of showing their right. These should be learned immediately because we simply want to work to get a stable income in the first place, not experience issues not related to your workload.