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How to Market Your Niche Business on Social Media

Social media can help propel a business to success, and while there are some businesses that may not have a social media presence, there are 70 million business pages on Facebook alone. Niche businesses can benefit greatly from a social media presence.

But the first step is starting to segment your target market to ensure that you know your segment’s:

  • Shopping habits
  • Interests
  • Values

Once you understand your audience, you’ll have a better understanding of whether your target market is using social media.

Connect with Influencers

You can pay for advertisements on social media, and a lot of businesses will dedicate some of their marketing budget to buying advertisements. But there is a rise in the number of businesses that are contacting influencers directly.

Perhaps a business is selling medical scrubs, so they may connect with a Grey’s Anatomy fan page and pay to have them promote or advertise their scrubs.

Supplement companies directly connect with fitness enthusiasts, especially those with a strong following, and will offer them free products. In return, these influencers, those that have a high level of engagement, will promote the product on their page, story or in a post on social media.

It works very well, and in many cases, influencer spending will outperform traditional ad spending.

Focus on Your Main Platforms First

Don’t try marketing your business on every platform at one time if you don’t have a massive budget. Most niche businesses, especially those that are just starting out, will need to focus on the main platforms first.

The most popular platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

And the platform that is best for your business is the one that your demographic tends to use the most. If your target demographic is older, you may want to target Facebook rather than Snapchat, which has a higher concentration of teens.

Give Your Brand a Personality and Face

Brands need their own personality and face, but a lot of them show nothing more than a picture or a wall of text. Your brand needs to have a personality and face that is consistent among all platforms.

When properly branded, your brand will gain more attention and more sales as a result.

How can you make your brand have its own personality?

  • Create a face for your business, much like Elon Musk has done for Tesla.
  • Be personal in your posts. Consumers respond better to honesty than a bland presence.

When a brand has its own personality and face, it will start to promote itself. People will begin talking about your brand and helping you make sales organically.

Consistency will also be key.

Consumers all need a problem solved, and this could be a nurse needing a better fitting scrub, or it can be a person that has back pain and needs a firmer bed to offer relief.

Offline marketing should also promote your social media accounts, helping you attract new followers in the process. Regularly posting, interacting with the right target audience and reaching out to influencers can all help build your social media presence and niche business.

Top Video Types That You Can Use for Social Media Marketing in 2019

It is 2019, and we, the marketers are already out of the vacation mood, rushing to achieve our targets for January 2019. Almost the whole of 2018 we kept following every single piece of advice that could help us increase the social media engagement for our brand. We tried whatever we possibly could.

But, there comes a time when we have done everything and still, we start feeling that we haven’t done enough!

For example, you were aware of the significance of video content in social media marketing. And, you were using videos in 2018 already. But, you could not gather the desired engagement level through your social media pages.

So, have you tried to find out where is the gap? Why haven’t you been successful in your social media marketing endeavors?

The problem is that you are never sure of what types of videos will incite more engagement. And, you cannot keep creating engaging videos all the time.

So, I am trying to answer the biggest question for marketers in 2019: what type of videos will get the maximum brand engagement on social media?

Live Videos

Most of the social media platforms are now allowing users to post live content. And, users are also fond of posting live videos. Nevertheless, they also love watching live videos of other users.

So many social media platforms are now flooded with live videos. You will find live videos topping the social media marketing trends list of 2019.

And, you must share what your audience likes!

Moreover, believe it or not, creating live videos takes less time compared to generating a text content or infographics.

DIY Tutorials

Most of the social media users are very fond of the do-it-yourself videos. They like to try different activities which they can learn by watching simple video tutorials.

The types of DIY videos that get the maximum shares are craft ideas, simple recipes, software how-to tutorials, etc! Yes, different users do have different hobbies or needs. But, almost all of them want to learn new things.

The only trick in these videos is to keep them very simple and easy for even slow learners.

Even if such DIY tutorials don’t apply to your product or service, you may share such videos which teach innovative ideas in a simple way. Best of all, these are commonly available on almost all social media platforms!

Videos on Self Management

Let us admit that we are all fond of watching self-management videos. And so are your customers! The complexity of our lifestyle hasn’t allowed us any time for ourselves. Thus, simple tips on managing work-life stress or those on managing relationships matter a lot to us.

Most people who are concerned about fitness also like to watch videos on mind management techniques such as meditation and relaxation. So, why not share some amazing videos on self-management? You can find some very good videos posted by famous people who are an idol for many.

The best part about sharing this type of videos is that it shows your concern towards the well being of your social media users. And, this helps you connect with them better!

Brand Storytelling Videos

Believe it or not, customers love your stories! This is the reason why the brand stories get a very good share of engagement on social media.

You can share how your brand came into existence, and what was the first turning point for you. Some old pictures and news report clippings add a historical touch to make your stories amazing.

And, then you can carry on the sequence with stories about your significant milestones, events, and achievements.

But, do keep them short and real! Your employees and your customers will both like to watch and share your brand stories.


In our lazy times, or when we are feeling lonely, the first thing that comes to our mind is social media. But have you ever wondered why? It is because we all crave for entertainment!

Humorous videos get maximum engagement on social media as these are very entertaining. People are keen to share something that made them laugh. Nevertheless, laughter is a therapy in itself; and sharing laughter is an even bigger one. So, sharing funny videos can earn you a rich social media engagement.

But, I am sure you cannot create funny videos all the time. However, you can share the existing funny videos shared by other social media users. Such user-generated content is easy to find too. But, make sure that you follow a reasonable frequency of sharing such content. Excess can ruin your brand engagement.

Customer Testimonials

Most of us work hard on social media engagement as we want to convert the users to prospective customers. And, what do these prospective customers want to see on your social media pages?

Customer testimonials help you establish your brand authenticity on social media. And, now that you need more video content, why not ask your customers to share their video testimonials?

Your customers will feel valued as you share their video on your pages. And, you will have one of the most unique forms of video content that can go beyond engagement and increase your brand reputation.


Video content is the most trending social media content at the beginning of 2019. So, managing your video content well can increase your brand engagement manifold.

To be able to keep your audience engaged, you will have to keep a mix of different types of videos while balancing the frequency of sharing to avoid going overboard.

But, you must admit that it is not possible to create new and interesting videos every day. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by social media marketers. However, I have just shared some suggestions on the types of videos that you can create or use without creating them yourselves.

And, if you do want your own customized video content, you can simply hire one of the best video production companies.