How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer is here. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get your home ready for the hot months ahead. Along with planting flowers and airing out the house, there are many chores to be done. Here’s how to prepare your home for summer.

1. Check Your Air Conditioner

The last thing you want is your air conditioner to stop working on the hottest day of the year. Have your air conditioning system checked now to ensure that it’s working properly.

If there’s a problem, you can tackle the problem now before the weather becomes unbearable.

Start by changing the air filter. Clear out any debris on or near the vents and exhausts. The next step is to test the unit itself. You can do this yourself by checking the temperature, or you can call in a professional to test your system.

You might also consider a programmable thermostat to save on energy costs, especially if you work during the day. A programmable thermostat can be set to automatically adjust the temperature at certain times of the day. For example, the temperature may be set higher at 8 am when you leave for work and lowered at 5 pm as you walk through the door.

2. Get Your Plumbing Ready

Check your indoor and outdoor plumbing. Remove the freeze caps from outdoor plumbing, and turn on the water. If the water trickles out slowly, it could mean that there’s a problem with your pipes.

A clog or other issue could be causing the issue. A professional plumber can help clear the clog using different techniques, including electro-mechanical drain cleaning.

“Electro-mechanical drain cleaning is among one of the newest and most innovative due to its unique qualities,” explains Pipe Surgeons. “This cleaning method involves using a traditional sewer snake that snags the clog and pushes it out of the pipe and into the sewer.”

3. Clean the Gutters and Inspect the Roof

Gutters should be cleaned before the start of summer and fall each year. Winter can be hard on your home’s gutters, and the damage can lead to leaks that seep into your crawl space or basement.

Cleaning gutters can be hard work, so you may want to hire a professional.

While you’re there, check the downspouts to ensure that they flow away from the home to prevent it from collecting around the foundation of the home.

Don’t forget to check your roof, too. Winter can be hard on your roof, too. Inspect the shingles, flashings and chimneys to look for damage. Cracked and missing shingles can allow water to seep in and cause damage or mold growth.

4. Clean Your Outdoor Furniture and Grill

Warmer weather means more evenings spent outdoors with friends and loved ones. Cleaning your outdoor furniture can be a chore, but it’s an important part of getting your backyard ready for summer.

After your finished cleaning your furniture, work on cleaning your grill. There’s a good chance that your grill has collected dust and debris over the winter months.