Office Interior Basics: 5 Steps to Setting Up Your Working Space

Our jobs take up most of our time and it is said that we spend at least sixty percent of our life at work. Your office is essentially your home away from home. It is the space in which you need to be most efficient, productive and think clearly. 

How you set up the interior of this space has a large impact on your productivity and comfort while working. There are a few basics that you should always consider. Here are five steps to setting up your workspace. 

Keep it at a Comfortable Temperature

The temperature of your working environment as the seasons change plays a key role in creating a productive and comfortable workspace. 

Since office spaces are usually built with functionality rather than comfort in mind, the space seldom comes standard with heating, cooling, or any other set-up to make it a comfortable space to spend hours of your day in.

Heating your office in winter and cooling it in summer to become a comfortable working space does not have to be a budget breaker. PTAC Inc has made this even easier with its wide range of heating and cooling units. You can choose from a wide range of reworked and new PTAC units as per your choice.

Start at Ground Level

The flooring in any space is the basis and foundation of the area. It also helps create the overall ambiance of the environment. Concrete flooring can be very cold, dusty, rough, and sometimes uneven, but is often the go-to method of building contractors when it comes to mass build functional office spaces.  

Adding some carpeting or even laminate wood flooring over the concrete are some options to look at to make the space more comfortable and appealing during all seasons of the year. 

Leveling out an uneven floor will be very necessary when it comes to bringing in your desk and chairs, so that will be a must. These options are also easier to keep clean and are dust-free. 

Light it Up

The lighting in a work area plays a very specific role in productivity and getting it just right is important. The existing lighting in most office spaces is often very harsh and very bright as its original purpose is just to form only one function – lighting up the space as much as possible. 

Replacing harsh fluorescent tubes with warmer, more appealing light fittings that still allow for a well-lit working environment is the next thing to consider. A warmer light color makes for a homely and comfortable feel. 

The more comfortable you are, the more productive you can be. Add some style and your own personal touch with aesthetic light fittings, and maybe a dimmer switch for those days when late night working is necessary. 

Add a Coat of Paint

The color of the walls and paint choices plays a big role when it comes to the mood, psychology and general productivity of the space. The walls of any space provide a blank canvas on which to start creating the ambiance and energy flow within that space. When choosing your paint colors, think about more than just matching hues. 

Different colors will have different effects. For example, the color blue is linked to creating a calm and productive mood. Green is linked to more creative thinking. Neutral light colors make the space feel bigger and more spacious. Find the color scheme that works best for your own productivity. 

Add some Style

Now that you have looked at the basics to create a more comfortable space, it’s time to look at the aesthetics. This includes the necessary office furniture and equipment that will complete the set-up. Desks, shelving and chairs are the obvious, but these don’t have to be ugly to be functional. 

Adding some vintage furniture, art on the walls and knick-knacks that make you smile will help create an office space that you are happy to spend time in. And when you are happy to spend time in it, you are more productive. 

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