Creating a Mobile Office: How to Work from Anywhere

With all the hype today about working remotely, it’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs are looking into mobile offices as a way to work from home without actually having to work at home. Plus, some businesses are simply set up so that a mobile office is a necessity.

If you are a business owner or traveling salesperson who might benefit from working in a mobile office, consider these four tips when setting up your business on wheels.

1. Use a Vehicle That Will Suit Your Needs

When creating a mobile office, the first thing you need to do is to determine what kind of vehicle will meet your business needs.

Will you be meeting with clients? If so, then you need enough space for everyone to sit comfortably, to chat and to share documents. And you’ll also need to take extra care to keep the interior clean and well-maintained to present a professional appearance. Your air conditioner and heater will also need to work properly to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

Will you need to use a laptop? If so, then you will need either a van with room for a desk, or you’ll need to install a laptop stand that mounts to the dash or to the frame of the passenger seat — similar to what you see police using in modern patrol cars.

Will you be traveling across the country in your mobile office? If so, then you will want to consider a vehicle with excellent fuel economy to ensure that you can make your trips without making excessive stops and without breaking your budget.

2. Sign Up for a Portable Hotspot

Having a steady internet connection is a must for any mobile office. In some cases your smartphone may provide enough data and power for your laptop to act as its mobile hotspot, provided your mobile service provider offers this option.

Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase a dedicated mobile hotspot that is separate from your cell phone. In many cases, this will work out better anyway because you may need to use both devices at the same time and will want a separate hotspot device to avoid overloading your smartphone’s data flow.

Plus, using a dedicated hotspot is usually better if you are using multiple devices simultaneously with clients, such as multiple laptops and tablets.

3. Use a Mobile Cell Phone Signal Booster

Along with a strong internet connection, you will need a reliable cell phone signal. There’s nothing worse than losing a potential client because you keep dropping the call. This is where a cell phone signal booster can come in very handy.

Signal boosters amplify the existing signal from your network’s cell towers to give you better reception, better clarity and less dropped calls. In some cases, having a booster will make a huge difference when driving through dead zones in rural areas in certain parts of the country. When your business relies on those calls getting through, this can make the difference between success and failure for you.

Boosters typically attach to your vehicle and to your phone magnetically. Some will need to be attached directly to your car’s radio antenna, but other models have their own built-in antenna and can work without any other equipment.

4. Load Up on Battery Packs and Chargers

Power will also be a major concern when you’re on the road in a mobile office. You will need multiple USB cords and car chargers. But you should also have a power strip on hand with standard outlet chargers so that you can stop into a Starbucks or public library any time and charge everything up in one session while you take a lunch break. Portable battery packs are also great for smartphones and tablets.

Your laptop may provide a challenge though. If you are using a newer Macbook or Chromebook, then the battery should last for eight to ten hours — more than enough for most mobile office workers. But if your computer will need a recharge during the day, most car chargers won’t have the power to get the job done.

In that case you should purchase an extra laptop battery that you can pop into the back of your laptop when the first one dies out. Just go online, search for spare batteries for your laptop model and you’ll find several options.

Setting up a mobile office can be a challenge, but many entrepreneurs, salespeople and traveling business executives have made the transition smoothly. Follow these four tips to help you set up your mobile office to make it a productive environment and a viable option for your business.