9 Quick Fixes for Common Home Problems

No matter how careful homeowners try to be, there will always be a problem that arises in their home due to normal everyday use. Luckily, many of these common problems have quick, affordable fixes.

1. Clogged Drains

Whether it’s from hair in your bathroom drains or food in your kitchen drain, your home will eventually suffer a clogged drain. When a clogged drain occurs, you can save money by utilizing a simple fix using common household items such as baking soda with vinegar or by loosening and removing the clog using a bent coat hanger. Even the use of hydrogen peroxide can help to remove clogs in your drains.

2. Ant Control

Ants are a common problem for many homes. Regardless of how clean you keep your home, ants will always find a way to invade. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to fix an ant invasion. Coating your doorways and windows with lemon juice or clove oil will repel ants with their strong odors. Cloves and clove oil will even kill ants with a chemical compound called eugenol.

3. Stinky Garbage Disposal

No matter how many times you run your garbage disposal in hot water, gunk will still form around the blades of your disposal. This gunk will develop a pungent, awful smell quickly. To remove this gunk, throw some ice into your disposal and turn on the blades. The ice will loosen the gunk. After crunching up the ice, pour in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar before rinsing it out with a kettle of hot water.

4. Weak Toilet Flush

Toilets play a very vital role in your home. If they’re not working properly, it’s a very big deal. One common issue with toilets is a weak flush. Instead of calling an expensive professional plumber, you can try an easy quick fix yourself. Find the water valve behind the toilet and turn the knob counterclockwise entirely. This will fully open the water line to your toilet tank and give it an extra boost to its flush.

5. Smelly Washing Machine

Although your washing machine is designed to thoroughly clean your laundry, it is also in need of a cleaning from time to time. In between cleanings, you can help to prevent it from becoming smelly by removing your wet clothes as quickly as possible to prevent the moisture from building up inside. Also, keeping your washing machine door open after a cycle to allow it to air dry will help prevent moisture accumulation and musky odor.

6. Rust On A Stainless Steel Sink

When you cook with metal baking pans and leave them in your stainless steel sink exposed to water, this can cause the baking pans to form a layer of rust. This rust will stain your metal sink and can prove to be difficult to remove. A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda along with vigorous scrubbing can remove light surface rust stains.

7. Scratches On Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful to have in your home, but they can attract scratches and dents from normal wear and tear by your family. These scratches can be unattractive to keep on your floor and can be easily fixed with some simple products purchased at the hardware store such as wood staining marker.

8. Removing A Stripped Screw

Stripping a screw head is a common issue during home improvement projects, construction projects, or home repairs. A stripped screw head can make removal of the screw virtually impossible unless you know this quick fix. Grab a handful of rubber bands (you may need more than one due to breaking), place the side of a rubber band over the stripped screw head, place your screwdriver or drill bit on it and turn to remove the screw.

9. Fingerprint-Free Appliances

The sleek look of steel appliances is very appealing in a modern decor kitchen. Unfortunately, steel appliances also show and hold fingerprints on a fairly consistent basis. A quick fix for this problem is to wipe down the steel appliance with a soft cloth before using window cleaner to remove the fingerprints and return the sleek shine of the steel.

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