10 Best Practices to Staying Healthy at Work

An office environment is perfect for spreading illness. If you want to stay healthy at work, you need a good strategy. Below are ten ways you can stay healthy at work this year.

Sit Less

Sitting isn’t particularly good for your body. It can cause a multitude of health problems that might lead to long-term problems. If possible, work standing up. If not, try to limit your seated periods to twenty or thirty minutes at a time. Get up and walk around when you’re done – it can help to save your health.

Eat Healthier

Another good way to keep your health in peak condition is to eat a healthier lunch. For most, this is a matter of packing a lunch instead of grabbing fast food. You may also need to look at the quality of what you are eating as well as the portion size. A quick look at what you put into your body can help to tell you quite a bit about your overall health.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep is crucial for health. Too little sleep can lead to getting worn down and damage your immune system. As a rule, you really do need eight hours of sleep a night. Try to make sure you keep a consistent sleep schedule and that you get real, quality sleep. You’d be amazed by how this can impact your health.

Go Outside

The human body isn’t designed to be stuck inside all day. If you can get outside, you’ll get a plethora of health benefits. Not only is it easier to exercise, but you’ll get away from the recycled air that carries sickness around your office. Going outside can even improve your mood, which in turn might keep your healthier.

Take Time Off

Feeling run down? It might be time to take some time off. It’s never a bad idea to take a personal day during the height of the flu season or when others in your office are getting sick. This gives your immune system time to recharge so you can come back to a better state. If you can’t take time off, try working from home – it offers many of the same benefits.

Avoid Sickness

Here’s a simple but tough trick – try avoiding the people at your office who are sick. While you certainly can’t quarantine your co-workers, you can take steps to avoid contracting what they bring to work. Make sure you avoid hanging out in the offices of anyone who is sick and try to avoid handshakes as well. It’s a small change to your daily life that can pay huge dividends later.

Drink Water!

Too little water can wreak havoc on your health. Unfortunately, most working adults don’t drink enough water during the day. Make sure to bring a water bottle and refill it as often as you can. If necessary, set an alarm on your computer to remind you to drink. Not only will this help you stay healthier, but it can even help you lose weight.

Get Ahead of the Problem

Are you starting to feel sick? If so, your best bet is to get ahead of the problem. If you are starting to notice symptoms of illness it’s a good idea to go see a doctor. The right prescription can help to keep you on your feet and away from some of the worst symptoms even while others around you are getting sick. While going to the doctor is time-consuming, it’s better than the alternative.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands is a great way to avoid getting sick. While the world around you might be covered in germs, that doesn’t mean that your body has to be part of the problem. Make sure you wash your hands after interacting with other people or touching commonly used surfaces.


If you are really looking to stay healthy, it’s time to get your body to work. While your work routine might largely be sedentary, you can always exercise after work. Try to get to the gym for at least half an hour a few times a week. This will help to keep your blood pumping and, more importantly, help to keep your body working at its peak level of performance.