Money-Making Opportunities from Home During COVID-19

COVID-19 has placed many families under enormous pressure to make ends meet. Jobs have been lost or employment hours have been cut back to the nth degree. People are scrambling for ways to survive and meet financial obligations. 

This is the time when the resilience of the human spirit comes to the forefront, as many individuals focus on finding alternative sources of income. Here are several methods to make money from home as we wait for the shutdown to be lifted.

Turn your hobby into an income spinner

Maybe you are a DIY person who loves baking, sewing, carpentry or making crafts. Turn your hobby into an income spinner from home to bring in some money. Open a social media account to advertise your products and encourage family members to spread the word via text messages.

You may not make a fortune, but it will be better to generate some additional income to get you through this period. On the upside, your hobby could turn into a lifelong career. Now is the time to show others that staying from home can be a positive experience. Use your skills and talents to motivate others to find the benefits during these tough times.

Graphic design and web development

Graphic designers who enjoyed full-time employment can now turn to the online environment to earn money from home. Several freelance platforms offer the ideal place to showcase your skills and to find work. If bidding for jobs doesn’t appeal to you, create online courses to help others learn graphic design.

Create an online course once and reap the benefits from each sale. Develop an entire course from beginner to expert, and you may find yourself attracting a loyal following. Advertise your new business on social media sites, and your new initiative could develop into something valuable.

Copywriters and editors

Copywriters and copy editors have seldom found it difficult to work from home. Opportunities abound for work in this field as marketing agencies start to get busy again. Online companies are frequently looking for remote workers to pick up the slack because of the cost savings involved when employing freelancers.

Another benefit of remote work as a freelancer in this field is that you can source work from a variety of companies. There is also potential for long-term regular work in these fields as industries begin to recover from the shutdown.

Online betting

Many people are looking for work from home jobs to make money as the effects of COVID-19 continue to batter global economies. One way that people can make money online is to test their skills at sports betting. Centsports offers customers a way to bet on any sport that suits them to add to their monthly income. With little to no money, customers can create a free account and start betting online.

Centsports has provided new sign-ups with $0.10 to get started. Customers can also bet on games if they prefer these to sports. The site doesn’t accept deposits, is completely legal and focuses on being risk-free. Check it out for the potential to make some money from home. You can learn more by visiting Centsports.

Test your writing skills

Write a fictional story, a memoir or DIY book about your work experiences to help others. Publish the book online; advertise your work through social media, and enjoy the income generated from this source. Write a recipe book if that is your area of interest.

Explore crowdfunding platforms that focus on new authors’ work to generate greater interest. Who knows? This may be a work of art that sets you up for life. If not, you may be encouraged to continue writing to add to your ebook collection as a future generator of sales.

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