When You Need an Immigration Lawyer

While you may not be required to hire an immigration lawyer when filling out applications and paperwork, having one by your side can come in handy. Even the slightest of mistakes in your visa and work permit applications can result in rejection. To enhance your chances of success, here are situations when you need the services of an immigration lawyer.

1. You’re Unsure About Your Options

Say you have viable streams of income, maybe you’re a proficient worker, or you’re looking to start up a business. Or, maybe you qualify to apply for citizenship, or you need to change your VISA to best suit your needs. With the constantly evolving regulations in place, it can be easy to stay outdated.

An immigration attorney can help air out your options and put you in track with recent developments. They can help you pursue opportunities you were previously incapable of noticing. This can mean the difference between living a successful life in Canada versus one with woes and struggles.

2. Attending the Immigration Court Proceedings

In the worst-case scenario, maybe you’re in the process of being deported. An immigration lawyer can help determine a possible avenue of support to aid your case in any way possible.

Furthermore, a lawyer helps you answer any pending questions asked by the judge and represent your matters in court. This means handling all paperwork, attending hearings, and represents you in the court of law.

3. You’re Encountering Delays

You applied, and it has been ages since you last got feedback. While an immigration attorney may not hold the keys to your application, they can access inquiry lines. But, don’t mistake this as a guaranteed application outcome. Even the most qualified attorney can experience difficulties while looking for an answer, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

4. Need Help Finding a Legal Job

As an immigrant, it can be quite difficult finding a job, let alone secure a decent salary to sustain your new life in Toronto, Canada. More so, if you’re unfamiliar with the paperwork involved, it can be strenuous without the aid of a professional. An immigration lawyer can assist you in the process of seeking employment.

5. You’re Seeking a Path to Citizenship

Most immigrants seeking a newfound life in Canada will eventually walk towards the path of obtaining citizenship. By 2020, Canada expects to welcome over 350,000 newcomers. This is why learning how to increase your odds of acceptance is vital. An immigration attorney has the knowledge on the rules, regulations, and procedures involving applying for citizenship.

We understand that no immigration process is easy. That’s why, with an Immigration Lawyer Toronto Firm, you can expect a team of well-trained professionals to assist you with the complex Canadian immigration problems.

6. You Find It Difficult to Weave through Permits

As a newcomer to Canada, it can be tough maneuvering through the works and regulations in place. Furthermore, if you’re interested in obtaining a work permit, the whole process can be overburdening, especially when you’re handling alone.

A skilled immigration lawyer knows how to effortlessly guide you through your application and help you fill in the correct information required. The last thing you’d need is a rejection simply, because you filled in incorrect data.

In Summary

The process of handling immigration procedures can be daunting. With an immigration attorney, you boost your chances of a favorable outcome.

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