The Latest Trends in Social Media Sports Marketing

In the age of professional sports, contact with the fans and getting the word out is of the utmost importance. Back in the day, the only way that sports stars communicated with their fans was through interviews or post-match briefings. 

Social media changed all that and fans have grown to expect more from their heroes. They want to feel as if they are part of the sports star’s life. They want to know more than just how good the game was. With the growing demand of the fans and what they expect, new trends in social media marketing have come to the fore.

Live streaming

Live sports have always been a big pull for the fans and sports viewership continues to increase year over year. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have started to partner with some of the more traditional broadcasting entities to bring the live-action into the hand of more fans across the world. 

This means more exposure and more money. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Never has there been a better time to be a sports fan as the means for you to watch our team live has never been more diverse and convenient as today. 

Live tweeting

There are so many unforgettable moments in sports, whether you are at the game or watching from a pub with your mates. Social media has enabled fans to connect in ways that have never been imagined before. The stars need to have their fingers on the pulse and the pressure to get the word out is ever-growing. 

Companies like Greenfly enable the players to use sports social media effectively by pooling info and sending it to the fans as it happens. Now the stars can even post a tweet during half time and assure the fans that they are putting it all out there.     

Augmented reality

One of the best technologies to be utilized by sports, in general, is augmented reality. Everything from on-field umpire decisions to advertising is being done with augmented reality. Sports and advertising go hand in hand and many companies are now moving towards interactive marketing campaigns to bolster their revenue. 

These campaigns run throughout a game and fans have the opportunity to interact with the ad instead of watching it statically. The Dallas Cowboys recently had a photo stand where fans could take a picture with their favorite stars in their ‘pose with the pros;’ kiosk.  


eSports is fast becoming one of the most popular modes of advertising. It is one of the sporting genres that have seen tremendous growth during the last decade or so has been eSports. 

Professional gaming is growing across the globe and companies like Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Nike have seen the potential. They are spending huge amounts of money to drive eSports and endorse players and teams as they provide untapped access to millions of fans across the world. 

One of the reasons why eSports is so lucrative is that the fan base of the athlete is diverse and international. 

Social activism

Depending on your level of popularity, one of the main social media sports marketing trends is social activism. Brands are under pressure to support worthy causes and show their consumers that they also care. It is becoming more and more important for sports stars to use their authority and popularity to support a worthy cause. 

The fans tend to respond well and grow patriotic towards a person and brand when they see that they are tied to a worthy cause. Trends have shown that as soon as a sports personality gets involved in a cause, popularity increases. 

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