Starting A Landscape Project: What Will Your Landscaping Cost?

When you are planning a big landscaping project, you need to know how much it will cost. You can do some research online before the project starts, and you should work with your landscaping contractor to ensure that you have a proper estimate before work begins. You can adjust the estimate here and there with your contractor’s help, and you can transform your home or property into something beautiful.

Are You Asking For Tree Removal?

A lot of landscaping projects start with tree removal because you need to open up space around the property. Expect to pay for every tree that needs to come down, and make sure that have budgeted for stump grinding on the property. When the ground is clear, you can continue with your landscaping project.

Are You Planting Trees?

One of the landscaping tips that some people get is to planet trees. However, you are told to plant evergreen so that they will look good throughout the year. Plus, these trees will not shed on your property. You can plant flowers or bushes around these trees, and the trees will never grow so large that they choke out the other plants.

Are You Planting Grass Or Using Sod?

Your landscaper needs to charge for all the sod that is planting, and you must spend time making sure that the sod is watered properly. If you are planting grass seed, you will pay for the seed, the fertilizer, and maintenance of the grass. Plus, your landscaper may tell you that the soil needs to be aerated. Every property is different, and you need to make sure that you have reviewed all your options before signing a contract.

Plant Flowers

You can plant as many flowers, bushes, and shrubs around your property, but you will pay for each plant. Plus, you need to make sure that you can care for all these plants. Some plants are very easy to care for because they cover a large area with almost no care at all. You could ask your landscaper to cover a hillside with juniper bushes, and you could put standard holly bushes in front of the house. Plant flowers that do not need to be trimmed that often, and ask the landscaper if you need to bring any of those flowers inside.

Walkways And Pathways

You can build in walkways and pathways around your property that will be a nice touch. However, you need to decide what kind of pavers you want, if you want the pathways to be made from loose rocks, gravel, or cobblestone. When you add these touches to the lawn, you will add to the price because you must pay for all the materials. Plus, the grass and other landscaping materials will need to be moved around these features.


When you have planned your landscaping project, you must account for all the expenses below. There are a few things here that you might not want, but there are some services that everyone homeowner needs. You should remove trees that are in the way, and you must plant flowers or bushes that are easy to care for. Make sure that you have nice pathways around your house, and ask the landscaper how much work you need to do to keep your grass green.