Tips For Staying Healthy While Travelling

Travel can either be one of life’s most abundant experiences. The differences in the worlds’ collection of cultures need to be seen to be truly appreciated. With that being said, it is hard to take it all in if one finds themselves sick. Staying healthy while traveling is important, and the average traveler can greatly reduce their risk of falling ill by falling several basic principles.

Sleep: When moving your body into an environment home to billions of foreign microbes and bacteria is going to need some time to adjust. For it to adjust properly it needs proper rest. Getting proper sleep the nights leading up to one’s trip can greatly reduce the risk of falling ill when arriving in a foreign destination.

Hold Off On The Street Food: Street can be very good, and at times some of the most authentic food one will experience in many countries. That being said, letting your gut adapt to the changes over a few days before hitting the street foot carts is a good bet. Many people fall ill going for the cheap local food the moment they land.

Stay Hydrated: People tend to consume more alcohol when traveling and pay less attention to their dietary intake in general. Dehydration has many levels and one may not even notice they are dehydrated, but your body does. Its ability to defend and repair itself against foreign invaders is impaired. 

Plant Heavy Diet: When concerned about the sanitary conditions of an area it is always much safer to go with the plant option over the meat. Even as a precautionary measure for the first few days as your body adjusts to the new environment. One is far less likely to become ill from vegetables than they are from poorly kept or cooked meat.

Walk When Possible: We all know exercise is good for one’s immune system. That being said, the likelihood that was will find themselves exercising while traveling is low. So walking where one can is the next best thing to help keep the immune system healthy.

Sleep In Private Rooms: In tropical or Equatorial climates many bad viruses are spread via mosquitoes. Many travelers elect to sleep in dormitory-style accommodations to save money. While it is economically much more friendly the likelihood of being bitten by a virus-carrying mosquito is much higher.

Bring Appropriate Attire: It is important to dress for the environment one is going into. Eco-tourism has become a major industry over the last 15 years and any hiking endeavor should be undertaken with the same level of planning a sit would at home. At the very least men’s and women’s boots should be purchased at home.

Practice Excellent Hygiene At Airport: It is very easy to get sick at the airport. Depending on the airport in question, it can see millions of passengers every day. Most people who catch a cold or virus do it by touching an infected surface than rubbing their eyes or touching their mouths. Paying close attention to avoid touching one’s eyes and mouth and as well as being diligent with handwashing is a good way to avoid getting sick.