Flower Color Meanings and Symbolism

Flowers delight our sense of sight and smell, but they also tell a story. Each type and color of bloom has a meaning. The right combination of colors and flowers can tell the recipient what you’re thinking or feeling without saying a word. 


Blue is a peaceful, calming color that conveys openness and serenity. A bouquet of blue flowers may be sent to someone who needs to slow down and relax. 

Blue flowers can also convey intimacy and are a great option for long-term couples who wish to show their partners that they love and trust them. 

The love and peace offered by blue flowers also makes them a great option for get-well and sympathy arrangements.


Purple is a royal color that symbolizes success, tradition and dignity. Purple flowers can also convey admiration and adoration, or accomplishment.

A bouquet of rich purple flowers can make a strong romantic impression, or they can be used to help celebrate an important life transition. 


A delicate hue, pink symbolizes happiness, gentleness and love. As a romantic flower, pink flowers are often included in bouquets given to lovers and spouses. Alternatively, pink blossoms can also be used to convey innocence, youth and joy.

Traditionally, pink flowers have been associated with femininity, but in modern times, the color has also been associated with spontaneity and thoughtfulness.


White flowers are often associated with innocence, humility, purity or sympathy. From fragrant gardenias to white roses and lily of the valley, a white flower bouquet can represent modesty or elegance.

These blossoms may be included as part of a sympathy or wedding bouquet. They represent pure and thoughtful love. 


Red flowers have a strong association with romance and love. The vibrant, passionate color can also symbolize respect, courage, admiration, constancy and desire. 

Whether it’s a classic rose bouquet, tulips or gerbera daisies, red is the closest symbolic likeness to the heart. 


Vibrant, passionate and bold, orange conveys excitement, enthusiasm, happiness and joy. A bouquet of warm orange flowers sends a message of love, but it also sends a message of adventure. Send these bright, beautiful flowers as a message of spontaneity, or to send your love to someone you care deeply about.


Yellow flowers represent happiness. They symbolize friendship, pride and success. These bright, vibrant blooms are sure to put an instant smile on the recipient’s face and evoke feelings of joy.

Yellow bouquets are a wonderful choice for get-well flowers, but they also work well for those “thinking of you gifts” sent to close friends. 


Green is synonymous with nature and the perfect color to complement other blooms. Green flowers symbolize health, good fortune, resilience and youth. An arrangement of green blossoms shows that you wish the recipient good health and luck in the coming year. 

Flowers come in a variety of bright, vibrant colors, and each color has a meaning. Choosing the right bloom and hue is important in conveying a message to the recipient. Whether it’s romance, sympathy or to cheer someone up, you can convey your feelings and thoughts with a bouquet of flowers.