10 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Cash

From turning your car into a billboard to renting your backyard to campers, you might be surprised at the different usual strategies people turn to in a bid to make an extra buck. The best thing, most require zero to limited skills and only a fraction of your free time but still present a huge potential of fattening your bank account. Here are some of the out-of-the-ordinary ways you can put your time into earning that extra income:

1. Participate in a Mock Trial

Before presenting their case to the dreaded jury, most lawyers tend to test the waters by holding mock trials with a group of online jurors. Most of these trial sessions take less than an hour and compensation varies per session. You too stand a chance of being part of the team and earning an extra income. How does it work? The lawyer sends the case, you get to review it and offer feedback within the stipulated time.

2. Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Are you living with diabetes and have access to insurance schemes that make it possible to access the diabetes test strips for free or at highly discounted prices? You can earn extra income out of the test stripes by selling them online. Find a reputable online site that buys the test stripes and advances them to uninsured and deserving diabetes patients at lower than retail price. In such a case, you get to help there people in need while making an extra coin out of the gesture.

3. Turn your car into a billboard

Turning your car into a moving billboard makes sitting for long hours on the freeway traffic worthwhile. If you are constantly cruising the city streets and park in publicly accessible and visible points, you can approach the different advertising companies and have them plaster the exterior of your car with adverts while getting paid for it.

4. Walk dogs or clean windows

Have too much free time at hand? Make use of it by helping neighbors with the tasks they just can’t find time to handle. These vary from walking the dog, cleaning their pets, washing the windows, mowing the lawns or gardening their backyards. The often considered odd gigs have the potential of paying more per hour than most nine-to-five jobs.

5. Sell your smartphone photos

With the advancements in technology and an increased number of websites and blogs constantly looking for unique images alongside the content they publish, you don’t need to be Davinci to earn from your art. Different photo stockists allow you to place quality smartphone and professional camera photos on their sites. Here, you earn royalties every time people download the image or a one-time fee to sell the rights of the photo.

6. Sell your hair And Plasma

There are people out there willing to pay for some of the naturally occurring things on your body. These include your hair, sperm, and blood plasma. Ideally, the longer the hair the more it fetches, but it also has to be all-natural with no dye and not chemically treated. Sperm and blood plasma donation also form part of the least invasive ways of earning extra income from body fluids while ovum donation forms the more rewarding but also more invasive method of making extra income.

7. Rent out your extra rooms in the house or backyard For Campers

More tourists are ditching hotel rooms and turning to the more affordable extra bedrooms with homeowners acting as hosts. Airbnb has particularly gained traction as one of the leading online platforms matching tourists with local hosts. Note that renting out the backyard to campers has also gained popularity.

8. Join A Clinical Trial

How does the idea of selling your body, albeit temporarily, to science with a potential of huge returns sound? If you are confident of your health condition, consider taking part in the different clinical trials and be part of a medical and scientific research. Part of this research may include drug testing, physical exercises, and emotional or psychological tests like sleep deprivation.

9. Become A Local Tour Guide

How well do you know your city and is it considered a great tourist attraction? Note that as the idea of budget travel takes root, more people are turning to city dwellers to help them navigate through their travels by acting as their guides as opposed to hiring the expensive professional tour guides. You can even consider renting out spare rooms or backyard to these tourists and also act as their local tour guides.

10. Join a focus group

You can also get paid to voice your opinion on different products and services. Companies hold online focus group sessions regularly with individuals that have interacted with products or services and pay them to answer questions about their experience with these products.

Bottom line

Most of these extra income opportunities can be conducted in your free time, don’t require special skills, and don’t call for an initial investment. You just have to decide on whether the invasiveness of some exceeds your tolerable levels. For instance, if you aren’t open to the idea of strangers hanging around your house or backyard, consider registering as an online juror or participate in a focus group. Plus their flexible schedules allow you to engage in as many activities as possible.