3 Items Homeowners Need to Be Able to Find on Their Property

Homeowners need to worry about more than how they’ll decorate their rooms and outdoor spaces. There are important system components that you need to be able to find on your land, and if you don’t know where these items are located, it can lead to a hazard in the future.

Which items should every homeowner be able to locate?

1. Sewer Lines

If you hit a sewer line in your yard, you’re facing a potentially wet and stinky situation. Sewer lines can be found in a variety of ways, from probing the ground yourself to asking the previous owner where the sewer lines are located – if they know.

But you also have a much better option: property maps.

“Property maps can be found in municipal centers. Here, you’ll be able to see the location and details regarding underground facilities,” explains Feltner’s. Municipal centers will provide you with maps that show where all of your utility lines are located.

It’s the easiest way to find your sewer lines.

You can also call in a professional plumber that will use scanning technology and equipment to locate your sewer lines quickly.

2. Utility Lines

You need to be able to find your home’s utility lines. If you hit one of these lines accidentally, it can lead to severe injury or death. You don’t want to go out and start searching for these lines yourself.

Instead, you want to rely on a professional to locate the electrical lines in the yard.

Utility companies can be called out to the property to mark the utilities on the property. You can call “811,” in the United States, to connect with location services for underground utilities.

You’ll want to call this number to have someone come out and mark all of your utility lines to prevent you from damaging them during a project.

Gas lines will also be able to be located with a call to “811.”

3. Water Cut Off Valve

A water cut off valve is usually inside of the home. You’ll want to scour the perimeter of the home on the side facing the street. This will allow you to find the valve to shut the water off. But if you can’t find the valve, you can look at the property inspection report to locate it.

The report should mention where the valve is located along with a photo of the valve.

There’s also an additional valve that is at the start of the water main. You’ll find this valve near the property’s boundary line. Oftentimes, the valve is encased within a utility box that has a trap door on the group level.

If you can’t find this line, you’ll want to call your local water company.

The water company may be able to dispatch an emergency team to help you shut the water off from the main. Dispatchers may also direct you on how to shut the water off in the event of a pipe burst or major leak.