What Kind of Problems Will You Face When Travelling Abroad?

It doesn’t matter if you travel often or not – you’re bound to experience some problems when on the road sooner or later. The best thing that you can do in situations like these is be prepared. Remember that the worst thing you can do is panic, since there’s always a way to solve the problems you’re faced with. Here are some of the most common problems that you’ll encounter when traveling abroad.

Your Luggage Is Too Heavy On Your Way Back

You’ve probably found a lot of cool stuff abroad, so you did the normal thing and bought everything that you really wanted to. However, your luggage may be too heavy now and you’re probably wondering if you’ll need to pay a fee because of this. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to negotiate with airline workers if it’s slightly over the limit. In case there is some room in your carry-on, you should transfer certain items there. You can also try wearing the heavier clothing items.

You’re a Convicted Felon

Many people who have served time in prison have started a completely new life when they got out and have changed for the better. Although you may think that you don’t have certain privileges that other people have, this isn’t the case when it comes to passports. Convicted felons can still get passports and travel the world.

If you have a criminal record as a convicted felon, you can apply for a United States passport just like any other person. However, in some cases, it may get denied. For example, if you’ve previously crossed an international border while drug trafficking and got arrested and convicted of that crime, then your passport will get denied. On the other hand, in case you have been convicted for possession of a controlled substance only one time, then it won’t get denied. Know that the State Department will deny you a passport if you’re a felon with unpaid federal loans or if you owe more than $2,500 in child support.

Your Luggage Is Lost

In the event that your luggage doesn’t show up on the conveyor belt, it’s important that you file a report with the airline as soon as possible. Know that if you don’t file one within 24 hours, then the airline probably won’t do a lot to help you. In some cases, you can avoid lost luggage by labeling it and taking a photo of it, which you can show to the handlers.

Jet Lag

There are a few ways to avoid jet lag. For example, you can change your sleeping and eating patterns before you go on the trip. On the day of your flight, you should avoid consuming too much caffeine, salt, fat, and alcohol. It’s also important that you don’t nap during the day, but rather wait for the night to come before you hit the hay.

You Flight Is Cancelled

When a flight gets canceled, most passengers don’t know what to do. However, instead of letting stress overwhelm you, it’s important that you focus on finding out why it was canceled. If there was a mechanical failure with the aircraft, then most airlines will provide you with food vouchers and book you a hotel until the next flight in case you have to wait for a long time. If you don’t have to wait for that long, then they will simply help you rebook or reimburse you for connecting flights.

Keep in mind that if the flight gets canceled because of bad weather and you have to wait a long time for the next one, the airline probably won’t make a big effort to help you with a hotel and food vouchers, since the cancellation was out of their control. It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes certain airline will claim that the flight was canceled due to bad weather even if mechanical problems were the real issue. In order to find out what the problem really is, you should ask the gate attendant about what really happened.