How to Decorate for a Party

Planning a party can be a demanding task. You have to determine how many people to invite, buy all the liquor, send invitations, and much more. In all that mess it’s easy to oversee one essential part of party planning – decorations.


You probably have a lot of friends and acquaintances. It may be hard fitting all of them at once. Each of those individuals has a different personality. Putting people who don’t have similar tastes in one place can be quite risky. That’s why it’s best to limit the party to a certain group of people.

Invitations are easy to decorate. If you want to invite people directly you can print out the invitations and send them out. However, this is not so easy when you’re planning a bigger party. Decorating your invitations is important regardless of its form. A good idea would be to invite people over with a funny email. Sending a formal email is just like sending a blank card with your address and a date. After all, an invitation is supposed to show people how fun the party will be.

Pick a Theme

Many fun parties have themes. The rules for attendees are simple: Dress up and role play. Having a theme makes it easier for the host, too. This way, if you want to have a 1950s party, you can decorate it accordingly. Print out some pictures from the 1950s, frame them and put them up on the wall. Retro lamps and telephones from the fifties aren’t that expensive.

If you’re throwing parties often, you should try to keep up with the seasons. If there is a holiday approaching, make a theme relevant to it. If there is nothing special in the calendar when you’re planning a party, it’s time to go wild. Find a theme you would enjoy the most. Remember, picking a theme is not necessary, but it will definitely make the part more interesting.


If you’re hosting a party at night, dim lights are going to bring out a clubby atmosphere. Your living room could be the perfect place for dim lights. Make enough room for people to dance and place speakers far away so the music isn’t too loud. Leave the lights on in other rooms so people could go there to chat. By doing this, people will find a place they feel most comfortable in.

Lights determine the tone of the party. If you want to host a smaller and calm gathering, then you should do that during lunchtime. Open your curtains and provide the room with a lot of daylight. Daylight affects people in a different way compared to artificial light. Daylight is more enjoyable and is sure to bring out some smiles and pleasant conversation.

Scented Candles and Incenses

The smell of the room is important if you’re expecting guests. Select a scented candle or an incense stick as your source of the scent. Those sources can be used for decorating the place as well. If you have a lantern, you can put a scented candle in it and place it on the table. Incense sticks look interesting, but they’re very strong. Limit yourself to one stick per room and keep it in a visible place.


Flowers are a perfect choice for many occasions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday party, wedding party, or a graduation party, you should definitely consider getting them. Plants provide the room with a more natural look. Having a couple of flowers here and there can give the room a certain color. Go with roses in bright places of the room. Violet flowers can look great on tables. Bigger plants, like ficus trees, can be placed in the corners to give the impression that the room is larger than it is.