The Benefits of Big Data

There has never been more data available to business owners, but without proper analysis, that data is mostly noise. Simply collecting data will do your business no good. If you want to cut through the noise and find the proper signal, you need to understand the value of data analysis.

The field of data analytics has come a long way in a short period, and the repercussions for marketing, product selection, and supply chain logistics are both profound and far-reaching. If your business is not yet taking advantage of data analytics, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. Here are just some of the benefits of data analytics for businesses of all sizes.

Lower Turnover

It can be hard to tell if the people you employ are fairly paid, and without the right analytics, you may never know. You could simply ask your employees, but chances are the answer will be a resounding no. If you want to assess your compensation strategy, you need to analyze the data carefully, and quality analytics can be a big help.

By making sure your payment plan is sound, you can lower costly employee turnover, retain your best employees and verify that the work gets done. The more you know, the easier it will be to run your business profitably.

Better Decision Making

As Jason Kulpa, CEO of the San Diego based technology company states, “If you fail to make the right choices for your company, you will not be in business very long. The corporate landscape is littered with the corpses of businesses that were once leaders in their field and are now struggling just to stay afloat.

Data analytics can make the decision-making process both easier and more efficient. Instead of relying on intuition or guessing which way to go, you can use hard data to guide your decisions. The result will be better decision making — and a more profitable business.”

A More Effective Product Mix

If you want your business to be successful, you need to deliver quality goods and services to your customers consistently, but knowing what buyers want can be extremely difficult. You can survey your customers, but there is often a difference between what shoppers say they want and what they purchase.

Data analytics allows you to break through the noise of misinformation to find out what your buyers want. By analyzing buying patterns, store traffic, and website data, you can hone in on the most important issues, fine tune your product mix and give your customers what they want.

Greater Efficiency

All else being equal, the most efficient business is bound to be the most profitable. If your company is not running at peak efficiency, you could be wasting money and missing out on a prime opportunity to make more money and move more products.

By utilizing data analytics, business owners can improve their efficiency, lower their costs and ultimately make more money. From the very beginning, data analytics has been a primary driver of business efficiency, and greater efficiency remains one of its biggest benefits.

Whether the business you own is brand new or decades old, analyzing your data can have profound benefits for you, your employees and your investors. If you are not yet taking advantage of the power of analytics, you are selling yourself, and your business, short.