How to eliminate annoying robocalls

Have you ever received a call from an unfamiliar number and when you answer it you hear a recorded voice? That kind of a call is known as a robocall. Even if you do not pick up, you will probably receive the call again. These phone calls are illegal. Therefore, to prevent these annoying calls, this is what you should do:

1. Keep your number to yourself.

Some businesses ask for your number for no reason. If you feel like you do not have a reason for giving it to them, don’t. Some of these companies end up using your number for the wrong purpose, or sell it to a third party. Most people give out their contacts without their knowledge. You need to be careful when you give out your phone number.

2. Do not pick up.

A simple tip you should apply is not picking up your phone unless you recognize the number calling you. If you happen to answer and discover that it is a robocall, hang up immediately. Once you respond to the auto-dialer by pressing the numbers, you are sending the message that your number is active. As a result, this will lead to more robocalls.

3. Set the “anonymous call rejection” option on your phone.

If you use this feature, your phone screens out calls from unknown caller IDs. Most marketers use this strategy. Contact your telephone service provider and find out if they offer this feature. If they do, get the information you need to enable it. When you receive a call from an unknown number, you can also use reverse phone lookup. By doing this, you can search for the details of that number, and get the name, address and photos of the owner.

4. Get on the Do Not Call Registry.

Add all your phone numbers to the National Do Not Call list. It is free to sign-up. The advantage is that it will protect you from the solicitors. It supports both landlines and mobile phones.

5. Make a point of filing a complaint.

If you have been on the Do Not Call Registry for more than a month and still get the robocalls, you need to file a complaint with the FTC. To some people, this seems like a complete waste of time, but it is not. It helps.

6. Do not press numbers.

You will find people telling you to key in some numbers on your phone to remove yourself from the robocall registry. Does it work? No, it does not. What it does is that it makes the situation worse. The reason is that when you press the numbers, you are indicating that someone is responding to that call. Therefore, you will receive more robocalls.

7. Tell the companies who serve you to keep off.

If you are a client of a specific business, they can call you to market their products. Once you have bought a product, read the terms and conditions carefully. In case you forget to read the agreement and the company keeps calling you, you can request them to stop it. If they do not, you have every right to report them to the FTC.

Nowadays, robocalling is affordable and straightforward. Due to this, these calls are everywhere. Do not allow robocalls to give you sleepless nights, or stressful days. Read this article keenly and follow the tips, you will be safe.