Keeping a Clean Office: Hacks for a Sanitary Workplace

We spend most of our daytime in the office. Therefore, it is important to focus our attention on keeping the office clean as we do to our homes. A clean office effectively prevents several occupational illnesses and creates an environment in which employees feel fresh, energetic and ready to fulfill their mandates. A clean office is also a happy place and welcoming to the clients.

While exceptional green and highly effective cleaning solutions may not be available like they do at home, there are still ways you can keep the office clean. Here are some of the office cleaning hacks.

Telephone keypads, calculators, and keyboards
All devices with keyboards have lots of crumbs and dirt hidden under the keys and crannies. With time, you will even find some keys jamming. You can clean off the debris by the use of the air dusters and then wipe off the surface with a dry piece of cloth.

If you do not have an air duster, you can use your hair dryer to blow off the dirt. Ensure that it is set in the cool setting to avoid burning your keyboards. For the very stubborn debris, you can use cotton swabs with toothpicks to dislodge them.

Displays, screens, and monitors
Switch off all your screens and wipe them down with the use of a damp microfiber cloth. There are also wipes specially made for the certain display screen. You may spay a little warm water on a soft paper towel and wipe away all the grease, fingerprints and other smudges.

Avoid using any cleaner that contains acetone, ammonia or alcohol. These substances strip the screen of its protective coating. Most antibacterial wipes have alcohol as one of their ingredients. Avoid them as much as possible.

The coffeemakers
Nearly every office has a coffee maker. However, few ever think of thoroughly cleaning the machine. With time, the spills and smudged coffee make the coffeemaker unhygienic.
Use special cleaning supplies that come with the coffeemaker if there are available.

If the supplies are not available, consider using powdered dishwasher detergent. When cleaning the coffee pot, let the detergent lie there with hot water for an hour. On emptying the pot, you will not be required to scrub it as it will be a clean as new.

Worktables, desks, and counters
These surfaces are best cleaned with antibacterial cleaning agents and disinfecting wipes. There are specially made napkins and paper towels to take care of spills depending on the liquid spills on these tables. The kinds of materials used for the surface also influence your choice of cleaning materials. For example stone is cleaned differently from marble or ceramic tiles.

However, if these cleaners are not available, you can use baby wipes can also work right. Keep a packet with at your desk to take care of dust and little spills here and there. You can also use them to wipe your mouse and keyboard clean every morning before starting your workday. You can also use them to wipe your phone clean if it looks smudged.

The microwave
The microwave is probably the filthiest appliance in the office. You will find spilled gravy, food leftovers, and sauce all over its floor. If there is food that has spilled to the floor of the microwave, take a bowl of water and warm it in the microwave for about three minutes. The vapor loosens the dried food making it easier to wipe it off.

The microwave should be wiped clean every few days. In addition, to get rid of strong smells, consider putting a few drops of orange essential oil into a bowl of water and warm it for a while. This will dissipate the smell.

Hire a cleaning company
It is good to have a professional cleaning company take care of your floors, windows, doors, and corridors. If the office is small, you can call them once in a while. Professional teams have the tools to clean stubborn stains and reach some of the third to reach areas of the office. Asking for professional help is also the best solution when dealing with pest and vermin infestation.

A clean office is a healthy office. A healthy office leads to healthy employees. Healthy workers are productive workers. Use the above hacks to keep the office spotlessly clean.