What’s An Office To Do When It’s The CEO’s Birthday?

Many people find it easy to wish their friends and relatives a happy birthday. In such moments, the choice of birthday presents and planning for the day are not an issue in any way. Things fall into place almost automatically without much hassle. However, it comes a time when this special day is for none other than your company CEO. What is an office to do in such a moment when it is the CEO’s birthday? You definitely would wonder whether the option of having the ordinary rectangular cake sitting on a cardboard platter would suffice or even fit the occasion. The thought of even working with the local grocery store doesn’t cross your mind due to the high regard you have for your boss.

So will you just sing the happy birthday song? These are some of the thoughts that run through your mind when faced with such a challenge. This is definitely a good break from work but let it not be just a break but really a good one. You can choose to make it somewhat interactive and a surprise too.

Things to do during your CEO’s Birthday

Birthday dates are usually known. However, the events of the day are not known especially if when there are different groups planning to do something. In that case, you can plan for it and bring out the best about that special day, especially for your boss. Most important to do is doing your homework and test various ideas for your CEO’s birthday in the office. See what will be best to do. Here are important things to consider!

Research well

Compare actions and results of things that were done for a person with a birthday especially that person was a boss. In this light, it is important to note that rewards that are expected don’t turn out well. Therefore, let any gifts be a surprise to your boss. However, think outside the box. Take it seriously and invest time in doing research on what could be the most suitable gift.

The conventional cake-cutting and singing shows a lack of creativity and may produce a boring event. Making the event similar to another you saw somewhere else doesn’t usually bring out a sense of worth both to you and the CEO. The CEO may be tempted to start making comparisons because the similarities with another party they attended elsewhere. Based on your performance that day, he may form an opinion that may not always be good.

Consider the CEO’s Availability and Interests

Your CEO is definitely engaged in quite a number of assignments. Therefore, make sure somebody is aware of their work schedule. Let everyone who will be involved know when the birthday is coming. This will make it easy for all of you to prepare and coordinate the activities of the day to make the celebrations successful.

A Gift Isn’t Necessary

The best thing to do for your CEO may not necessarily be buying a gift for him. However, a birthday card would suit the occasion. For a new employee, it would be most appropriate to send the card via email. If you consider going out, involve everyone and not just one particular department.

Party Past the Birthday

Well, there is no problem in having a cake for your CEO and eating it with him. Celebrations in the office come in many fashions and not just birthday. There usually are baby showers, celebrations for employee promotion, and awards for the month or preparing for the festive season. Normally, there are foods and drinks served in search occasions and in that case, birthday party drinks for your CEO’s birthday would be welcome.

Avoid the Extra Frills

Birthdays come with fun activities but in this setting, you may not need to do all of them. If tried, these activities may go way overboard and ruin the occasion in the end. It can be stressful to manage all these events and still continue with your regular office work schedule for the day. Make the celebrations the same as if it was done to any other person in the office regardless of their age. Most importantly, keep off the top extras even if it was not the boss having a birthday.

As an office, don’t just resolve to do nothing when your CEO is having a birthday. This is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships in the office and show your appreciation to your boss. Therefore, consider doing these things to make the day one that you will never forget!