9 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow

Everyone today wants to become an entrepreneur; the autonomy that comes with it is quite seductive just to brush off. Unfortunately, most people are not sure of what it is they want to do or if they want it online or offline. Starting a business online is simple and does not involve tedious processes as it would for an offline business. To help you get started, here are some ideas you can start tomorrow.

SEO consultant 

You might be skilled in Search Engine Analytics; lucky for you most small business owners do not know the importance of optimizing their content. You can come in to fill the gap. Establish yourself as a guru in the area and offer informed consultation on the importance of optimizable content, regular posting, and keyword structuring. If you are a skilled writer, you can also offer to write content for them.

White label SEO reseller 

Perhaps unknown to you is there is a huge market in affiliate marketing. It is one of the online businesses that are doing well. You can sign up as a white label SEO reseller from one of the companies offering it. As a reseller, you link your clients to companies who will do website audit, on-page optimization, keyword research, organic link acquisition, lead tracking, project management, and analytics tracking among others. As a reseller, you will not have to do much all you do is refer your clients to the business offering these services.

Web designing

A good percentage of people online are looking for someone to improve how their websites look like or even redesign them from scratch. If you have these skills, this is a lucrative place to start. The good news is web design often pays well. You can create your website and start to look for clients alternatively you can sign up for websites that offer freelancing services in this area.

Social media consultant 

Big brands today are looking for someone else or an agency to handle their social media promotions and impressions. Their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are important in the lead creation and reaching to their customer base. To get started you just have to place yourself as an authority, and you will make tons of money.


Blogs are trending a lot these days. Look for something you are passionate about and start blogging about it. Good niches attract a lot of readerships, and once you have good impressions, then you can monetize it. Successful bloggers today are earning more than people working in white collar jobs. Creating a blog is simple and almost free.

Business coaching

If you have some good insights, expert knowledge as well as experience, then you can come up with a business that coaches other entrepreneurs on how to gain success. You can create a coaching website, and you can do your life and business coaching there. People are searching the web for motivation, life coaching, business success strategies. Establish yourself as an authority, and you will make tons of money.

App development

If you are a skilled programmer, then you can tap into the mobile app development. This is still a green area since smartphone technology is still evolving. Ones you develop your apps you can list them on Playstore, Window store or Appstore. The smartphone industry is growing exponentially, and people are looking for apps to make their lives easy. Identify a problem and create an app to solve it.


The gig economy is taking the world by storm. There is too much to do as a freelancer; logo making, content writing, academic writing, transcription, data entry, survey taking among others. All you have to do is identify a platform that you can sign up with and start working. Then create a brand on that platform, and you will be on your way to riches.

YouTube channel 

If you have some good content you can put on your channel, skits, funny videos, professional videos; then this is the best platform to make money. Use effective marketing strategies, and once your videos get views, you will stand to make lots of money from it. Popular YouTubers today are earning more than one million dollars annually.