How To Cope With Traffic Jams

Anyone who lives or works in Ohio knows some roads are empty and peaceful all the time, and other roads are a mess of traffic jams and slow downs. While you’d much rather use the literal road less traveled to avoid the mess of traffic in some of Ohio’s biggest cities, you probably can’t if your work, home, or school lies along the route everyone else takes. Since Ohio traffic patterns aren’t changing just for you, it’s time you learn how to cope with traffic jams so you can maintain your sanity.

Buy the Right Car

No one is suggesting you go out and purchase a brand-new car just because you spend a little time in traffic, but do consider that the next time you’re shopping for a new car. If you spend too much time sitting in Columbus (OH) traffic, you want comfortable seats and modern amenities. Working heat and air are always a plus, but it might be helpful to also purchase a car with satellite radio, Bluetooth, and other features that make your time in the car a little more enjoyable.

With satellite radio and/or Bluetooth, you can listen to your favorite stations or podcasts for personal development purposes or just enjoyment. You can check the weather station, the traffic station, or listen to your favorite morning talk show hosts. It’s not mandatory, but a car with comfortable seats and all the amenities does make dealing with your morning commute that much more enjoyable.

Use This Time Wisely

If you know you’re stuck in traffic for a specific amount of time every morning and afternoon, use this time wisely. Appreciate the fact the kids aren’t in the backseat screaming at one another. Appreciate this quiet time before you get home to the chaos that is most every family. Use this time for personal development by listening to uplifting podcasts. You can use this time to do anything you want, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it to enhance your mind and find a little peace.

Change Your Schedule

Can you go to work a little earlier or later? Even adjusting your schedule by 10 minutes one way or the other might help your commute seem less lengthy and more enjoyable. It might make it a little longer too, so you might need to give it a try a few days to see how it affects the commute. If your boss is okay with this, ask if it’s possible to change your work time a bit so you spend less time in traffic and more time actually doing useful things like working and spending time with your family.

Understand You Can’t Change the Situation

Sitting in traffic is no fun for anyone, but it’s made less fun when it affects your attitude and outlook. If you know traffic is awful at certain times of the day, make it a point to remind yourself you can’t change it. It’s completely out of your control, and allowing your mood to change because of it doesn’t do anyone any good. Accept that traffic is a nightmare and find another way to focus your idle energy. When there’s nothing you can do about it, there’s no reason to allow it to affect your mood negatively.


Do you have friends who work with you or near you at the same times each day? If you do, why not consider a carpool? This can make a long morning commute due to poor traffic conditions that much more enjoyable. You have someone to talk to, someone to commiserate with, and you have companionship. That can go a long way toward making traffic issues seem easier to handle on any given day.

Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in traffic, but there’s little you can do about it. You can check the traffic before you leave so you know in advance if there are accidents or construction slowing down traffic and take a different route. You can learn to accept it and let it go, and you can learn how to make that time more productive if you have no other options. There’s always a way to cope with traffic you don’t love.