Educating Yourself Before Buying A New Phone for Work Travel

Android, Apple or Windows, we all need a phone that offers value for our money. Be it cheap or premium; we need tips to help us buy the best mobile phones. A good phone will take the place of your camera and also allow a full working day of browsing the web and making calls without the need to recharge. A good phone means the latest mobile apps will run smoothly, the pictures taken will appear great and text messages are clear. Below are some of the phone reviews to look for when buying a new phone.

1. The Size of the Phone.

Most phones now are getting bigger and bigger, with the latest like Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL measuring 5.5 inches and more. The advantages of phones with larger screens are that they are ideal for watching movies and browsing the web. However, they won’t suit everyone. You might find them too large to hold, and you would rather go for a model that you can comfortably use with one hand. If you want something that will easily slide into your pocket or bag, consider a 4-5 inch phone.

2. Build Quality.

The durability of a phone is essential. The phones are made in two categories – metal and plastic. There are also some that have glass-coated panels, but their availability is insufficient. Before buying a phone, review the build material, especially if you are one of those prone to dropping your phone, it’s advisable that you go for a metal or a plastic built handset.

3. Processor.

The processing power of the phone differs from one phone to another depending on several factors like OS version, bloatware and more. Check the processing speed of the phone before buying it especially if you are a heavy user who needs to play heavy games, use apps and carry out other activities using the phone.

4. Battery.

The battery life of a phone is vital to any user depending on the usage of the phone. If you are a heavy user and work on many apps, then it’s advisable to go for a phone with at least 3500mAh battery or even higher. Check the battery size before deciding on the phone to buy.

5. Storage.

The storage size of the phone is important especially if you have large documents to store. Review the size of the storage before purchasing it.

6. 4G Phones.

Most if not all smartphones use mobile broadband networks to keep you connected to the internet. The fastest mobile network that is available in parts of the UK is called 4G. Most phones these days come with 4G as a standard, but some cheap smartphones don’t. Before buying a phone, it’s important to check whether its 4G enabled especially if you want to use your new phone on heavy internet use. Also, check whether you can get 4G coverage in your area before choosing the phone.

EE vs. 02: Which Should You Choose For Work Overseas?

4G Coverage.

One of the primary focus of EE is its 4G service. It covers 81% of the UK with its 4G coverage as compared to 66% covered by 02.

Data Speeds.

EE manage an average speed of 18.6Mbps while 02 has a speed of 13.9Mbps. However, for 3G tablets, EE has 4Mbps for 3G download while 02 has 6.6Mbps speed.

Data Allowances.

Data allowances of up to 20GB are offered by both 02 and EE. None of them offers an unlimited data plan. The difference comes in O2 where a data plan of 100 MB is provided as compared to 250MB as the minimum offered data plan.


EE covers around 200 towns and cities in the UK with its 4G while 02 covers 191 towns.


Buying a new phone from EE, you will need to commit to a 24-month contract. 02 also offers 24-month contracts for those wanting new phones, but it allows user to upgrade early by dividing the tariff into an Airtime and a Phone Plan.

Customer Service.

EE achieved an overall score of 69% as compared to 02 which managed a score of 78% according to Ofcom’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Final Verdict.

EE scored higher on its 4G coverage regarding speed and coverage, 02 offers more budget-friendly deals.