Up & Coming Business Hubs In Europe

Setting up or expanding your business in Europe isn’t quite as daunting as it sounds. You need to ensure you have the correct EU health coverage before you go. Enquire about your EHIC card, or complete the EHIC application form online today. Despite the debate between Brexit, there are still plenty of opportunities close to home for your business to thrive. Some of the most popular up and coming business hubs in Europe now include:


Berlin has now become one of Europe’s most popular start-up locations. Not only is it is now common ground for thousands of businesses who have relocated to the city, it has attracted companies such as Dubsmash; a video-messaging app used on android and iPhone. Now with over 100 million monthly using, and named the leading brand in the App store back in 2016, the company continues to flourish. Investment is continuing to grow with the help of a continuous stream of people visiting a number of museums from a historical aspect.


As well as being known for its unique architecture, the past few years has allowed Barcelona to establish its desire for international investment. Home to Wallapop – a free trading and selling app used by more than 30 million users to sell (and buy) new and second hand items – and now Amazon, the buzz is set to only increase and put business into full bloom. Barcelona has a long history as a business centre and continues to attract new entrepreneurs from around the world with multiple links to new technologies, providing unmissable business opportunities.


Due to Brexit in the UK, Paris is set to score London’s technology hub title in no time. Having scored more venture capital firms (VC) than Germany back in 2016, business will only get better. Situated in a beautiful city, Paris guarantees steady long-term growth. Home to one of the world’s best transport networks, business has never been easier.


Located in North-West Europe located between Germany and Belgium, Amsterdam has some tough close-by competition. If you work in a large business and needed to send a large file, you’re likely to have used WeTransfer – a free platform primarily used to send your documents where you need them to be. You’ve guessed it – WeTransfer is now based in Amsterdam as well as Los Angeles.


Looking to pursue business in the creative industry? Manchester is now the home to MediaCityUK – Europe’s first waterfront venue committed to developing digital creativity and teaching. Having lead the focus of innovation for over 200 years, the creative industry is now growing faster than ever, making Manchester a prime location to pursue expansion to take business to the next level. Brands such as UK fashion brand, Miss Guided, began their business journey in Manchester and are now opening stores across the UK including Westfield’s, Stratford and Selfridges.