How to Find a Job your Life will Love

When we land our first job out of school, all we care about is making money. We are happy to get a paycheck no matter how hard we have to work to get it. But as time goes on and we get older, something changes. Our priorities shift, and we want a career that fits into the life we have built for ourselves. No longer do we care as much about climbing the corporate ladder. We have realized that becoming a high-powered executive takes its tolls on our personal lives. Of course, we still need that paycheck, but our lifestyle is more important.

People are turning away from their original “dream” jobs in pursuit of one that suits the lifestyle they want. Unfortunately, the two are rarely the same. Our dream job may not allow us to live a healthy and balanced life. Flexibility, location, stress, and satisfaction are just a few of the traits of a job that you should consider. So how do you find a job that fits the bill? Here are my top tips to find a job that suits your lifestyle.

  1. Figure out what you don’t like about your current role.

If your current job doesn’t allow you to live the lifestyle you dream of, what are the reasons? You should identify specifics about your current position that do not allow the lifestyle you want. Does your job require a lot of travel? Does your job not have a set schedule or require a lot of overtime? Is your boss not flexible on vacation? By identifying what you don’t like about your current role, you will be certain not to take a new one with the same issues.

  1. Know what you will be willing to negotiate…and what you won’t.

I wish I could tell you that the perfect job is out there waiting for you. While there are a lot of opportunities and you can definitely improve your current situation, you may not find a role that is 100% what you’d like (at least not at first). Before ever stepping into an interview, know what you will be willing to negotiate on and what you absolutely will not. For example, you may take a little less salary, but you absolutely need six weeks of vacation. Or perhaps there is some wiggle room on working the occasional weekend, but you have to be able to work from home twice a week. With your negotiables and non-negotiables in mind, you will be prepared and won’t waste your time if a company won’t budge.

  1. Come up with an action plan

If you want to land a job that allows you to live a certain lifestyle, you need a plan with steps to get there. What job positions would allow you to live the way you want to? Will you need an advanced degree? Will you need other types of training? Would you need to relocate? Come up with your action plan, and set goals and milestones that allow you to realistically achieve the result you desire.

  1. Research the companies you may want to work for.

Now that you know exactly what you want out of a new job, you will be able to research the companies in advance of applying for a position. With the power of the internet, you can research company policies and even find reviews from other employees who work there. Figure out what the corporate culture is and what values they care about. Find out if they are willing to give you what you need in order to live the lifestyle that you want.

Most of us have to work to live, but working doesn’t have to mean that we don’t have a thriving lifestyle. Life is short, and we shouldn’t waste it in a job that doesn’t allow us to live the way we want to. Luckily, today’s workforce allows us to change our minds. The career that you chose for yourself in school doesn’t have to be your career for life. As your life changes, your job may have to change in order to accommodate it. Make a plan and go after the lifestyle you want and desire.