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4 Car Technologies That Make Life Easier

Car technologies are making life easier for drivers. Technologies are offering new insights into the way people drive, alerting drivers of potential vehicles in their blind spot and offering a backup view when the driver is moving in reverse.

1. Parking Sensors and Backup Cameras

Backing up your vehicle is a lot easier when you don’t have to turn around and look behind you. Cameras are mounted to the back of newer vehicles, making it easier to back into and out of parking spaces.

Rearview cameras are becoming standard in 2018 for all vehicles under 10,000 pounds.

High-resolution images make it easier to view behind the driver, parallel park and avoid potential accidents. Some may also have parking sensors that alert drivers when they’re too close to an object.

2. Emergency Braking Automation

Emergency braking is essential for all drivers. If a vehicle brakes hard in front of you, a one-second delay can mean the difference between crashing and avoiding an accident. Automatic braking, offered through advanced sensors, stops a vehicle when a danger is imminent.

Automation is faster and more efficient than a human’s own reaction.

These features can be life-saving in many potential accidents.

3. Traffic Light Prediction Technology

Imagine knowing when a traffic light was going to change. City drivers have to react to light changes quickly, making driving more bearable and to avoid the constant honking of horns behind them.

Apps are available for traffic light prediction, including EnLighten.

EnLighten is a free app, and while the app has mixed reviews, many car manufacturers are integrating the app into their systems. Some companies are also making their own iteration of the app.

You can avoid red lights and stay safer on the road as a result.

4. Automatic Parking

Imagine letting your vehicle park itself. Lexus’ LS460 has the ability to almost parallel park itself back in 2006. All the driver had to do was hit the brake when instructed. Now, autonomous parking systems are advancing, with many of the world’s leading automakers working on similar functions.

Tesla revealed their Model S and X offering a Summon feature. Users can park their vehicles using a key fob. When the user is done shopping or eating, the vehicle will leave the parking spot and find the driver to pick them up.

Imagine never having to search a packed parking lot for a space again.

Yet, some of these technologies that are making drivers’ lives easier are actually causing accidents and injuries.

Keyless ignition is proving to be deadly.

“Many individuals are used to using a key and this makes it easy to forget to press the button. Consumer safety advocates assert that keyless ignition is deadly as it exposes individuals to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a ‘silent killer’ since its colorless, odorless and virtually undetectable until it’s too late. Many other people narrowly escape death, spend significant time, and some have been left with permanent brain damage,” writes The Chicago Injury Lawyer.

Technology, especially safety features, have the potential to save people’s lives, but some technologies also pose the risk of injuries or death when not used properly.

5 Lessons We Can Learn About Life from Chess

Chess is a game of strategy, and when a casual chess player starts to advance their game, it becomes a complex, life lesson. A game of concentration, changes and wit, chess has a lot of lessons that it can teach us if we pay attention.

Life lessons can be learned from chess.

1. Learn to Recognize Opportunities

Chess champions have played chess for tens of thousands of hours. Memorization plays a major role in their success because they remember how boards are set up and played. But there comes a time when the opposing player makes an unexpected move.

There is a point in most games when a player recognizes opportunities, and these opportunities lead to a clear line of success.

Missed opportunities, however, can lead to failure.

2. Zugzwang Occurs in Life, Too

Zugzwang is a situation that occurs in life, too. In the game of chess, zugzwang is when a player is in the position that no matter what move they make, it’s a bad move. In life, difficult decisions often occur where no one will be happy.

The move may often lead the player into disadvantage.

Zugzwang also teaches a person to be flexible. Sometimes, things do not go as planned, so it’s an important life trait to be able to adjust to these situations and continue on in life. Dwelling on a move that another player makes, or a decision of another person, is often not a good option.

3. Take Action and Stop Procrastinating

Strategy is a key part of chess, and without it, the game is based on luck. Strategy is what helps one player take action as the chess pieces move on the board. Yes, you may try to envision the opposing person’s next move, and when they make a mistake, you need to capitalize on it and stop procrastinating.

Otherwise, the other player may correct their mistake and win the game.

If you’re not taking action, you’re letting opportunities pass you by.

4. Small Moves Make a Big Impact

Life is a game of moves. You choose not to study for a test. Maybe you pass, or maybe you don’t. You choose to play video games and not exercise, and maybe you never achieve the dream body you hoped to achieve.

But small, precise moves are what make the game of chess so much fun.

Success often rides on these precise moves. In life, it’s often the small things, done consistently over a long period of time, that are life-changing. A person that goes to the gym for an hour a day is really spending 7 out of their 168 hours a week exercising.

In retrospect, this is a small amount of time, or a small move, that will lead to: more muscle mass, better health and maybe even longevity.

5. Don’t Get Stuck in Regret

Chess, much like life, consists of a very limited number of moves. You need to make good use of these moves, but when you do make mistakes – everyone does – it’s important to let go of that regret. Learn to move on from your mistakes.

Life’s too short to regret what you did in the past and can’t change.

4 Adventures You Can Bring Fido on This Summer

Dogs deserve to have fun, too. With the summer months upon us, it’s time to start making plans for the family – including your furry friend. Cities are becoming more accommodating for dogs, and it’s not uncommon to see many restaurants and stores leaving water out for your pup to drink.

It’s a great opportunity to take your dog on adventures this summer.

1. Bring Your Pup to Disney

Your dog can go to Disney. Walt Disney World has never let animals stay in a Disney hotel, but now they have what’s known as the Walt DIsney World Resort Kennel. Your dog will be pampered, and there is a 17,000 square feet space that’s air conditioned, 10,000 square feet play area and a 25,000 square feet dog park.

Accommodations are available for overnight stays, and this includes a suite option with potty walks, playgroups, webcam options and even a bath.

If you want your pup to enjoy Disney, you can spoil her to your heart’s content at Disney.

2. Paddle Board With Your Pet

Dogs that like the water will enjoy a day out on the lake paddle boarding with their human family. The BLACKFIN Model XL is a large, well-built board that’s a popular choice this season for bringing well-behaved dogs out on the lack.

This inflatable paddle board is designed to be extra-durable, comes with a carbon rail and extra safety features.

If this is your first time bringing your dog on a paddle board, you’ll want to:

  • Teach the dog to sit on the board in your home
  • Place treats on the board to make it a “safe” place for your dog
  • Teach your dog commands for getting on and off the board

You want to make sure that your dog is well-behaved and listens when on the paddle board. Some dogs will just jump into the water and will not behave well.

3. Beach Parks for Fido

Beach parks and frisbee are great for dogs. These parks are popping up everywhere. You’ll find beach parks in Asbury Park, NJ, Saint Petersburg, FL, San Diego, CA and all over the country. Off-leash parks are available, but make sure that your pup has manners and won’t cause havoc with the other dogs.

BringFido has a great list of dog-friendly activities, including dog beach parks.

4. National Parks

National parks all have their own dog rules, but there are plenty of parks that will allow you to bring your dog as long as he’s leashed the entire time. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a big one, and it allows dogs on two of the short walking trails.

You’re free to bring your dog into the campground area or along the roads.

There are great dog-friendly hiking trails in the Smokies, too. You want to make sure that your dog is well-behaved so that you can enjoy your time hiking and walking down the trails. You’ll find that most large parks and hiking areas will gladly welcome leashed dogs on their trails. is another great resource to find hiking trails your dog can enjoy.