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Online Ads: How to Increase Your Conversion Rates and Sell More

If you are looking to sell more online by increasing your conversion rates for your online advertising, you need to know the right process. There are powerful, proven strategies that will help you enjoy higher levels of business and personal success and profit. Don’t forget to follow them step by step, or your competition could beat you while you lose customers due to low conversions.

1. Market Research

If you want to convert more visitors to customers, your first step should be research. The reason research is so important is, the more you understand about your customer, the more you can persuade them. Smart marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals all understand that their customers have hidden desires. You must tap into these desires if you want to persuade them to buy from you.

Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, suggests hiring experts to help out with market research to ensure your online advertising campaign initiative gets off on the right foot. “You research, not by reading university studies, but instead by seeking out communities where your ideal customer congregates. If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, you need to brainstorm that first. With the internet, you can cast a wide net, but that’s no excuse to lack the fundamental information about your prospects. Come up with a defined vision of your target group’s age, location, gender, income, and hobbies. This will position you to have more conversions than ever before,” said Jason.

2. Competitive Research

Don’t stop at researching your customers. You’ve got to know as much about the competition as possible. They will be your biggest obstacle to making more sales. Your ads don’t exist a vacuum; your target audience is being bombarded with all kinds of messages every day. They need a way to differentiate one from the other. Therefore, look at what your competition does, and strive to be unique.

3. Sales Funnel

You must understand that every conversion follows the guideline of a basic sales funnel. Angie Meeker at OptinMonster describes a sales funnel: “A sales funnel is simply a tool for visualizing where your prospects are in the process of making a buying decision. A sales funnel is wide at the top because prospects with all level of engagement enter and eventually the most engaged ones are channeled to the bottom of the funnel to be turned into sales and repeat customers.” First the prospect must know you, then they need to understand what you can do for them. Eventually, they might be persuaded to buy as they progress in your funnel. Understand which pieces of your advertising accompany the various portions of your sales funnel. Create highly focused display ads (lead generation), landing pages (for expanding on your message and building value), and finally the call to action (CTA). Give the visitor an opportunity to sign up, buy, or otherwise behave in your preferred manner.

4. Attention

Your initial ad will be the attention-getter. It must call out to your audience based on what you learned about them in your research. Use big claims and bold statements to shock prospects into clicking through to your landing page. If your headline is boring, they won’t even stop as they scroll through the rest of their social media feed, app, or search engine.

5. Interest

It’s not enough to capture attention with the obvious. You need to have them entranced, to direct their energy further into your funnel. You do this by providing interesting data that is relevant to their problems. An especially effective tactic is to help them realize that their problem is larger than it seems. For example: “Being overweight isn’t just unsightly, but it can cause diseases as well.”

6. Desire

When you’ve convinced the prospect that they have a real problem, and that it’s possible to solve it, you need to start building their desire. They must want your product specifically, therefore it’s time to start listing your features of your product or service and tie them to benefits. If you do this correctly, they will feel the need to urgently own whatever you’re offering.

7. Action

When you’ve built up desire through a sales letter, you can finally ask for the money. Do this outright by posting a button such as “buy now.” Remember, if they already made it this far into your funnel, they will want to buy, so don’t be shy.

8. Follow-up

The follow-up might just be the most important and overlooked portion of online ads. Your conversion rate should be calculated on a long-term basis, not just one day, week, or month. Sometimes, a visitor will hit your site and not buy until a year later. Track this behavior with software so you can tell if your follow-up plan is working. For example, you may find that sending 20 emails is more effective than sending five. Just remember to always follow up, or you could be leaving money on the table. A great starting point is to create a phone template to call them personally. This is rare today, and will convince prospects that you care.

9. Referral

Your customer is not only worth the price they pay for the initial product, but also their potential lifelong value. Many people will offer you referrals, such as friends or family, if they love the results you helped them achieve. This could represent two or three times the profit per customer than you originally thought. So don’t forget to ask your most loyal fans to share your brand with their inner circle. It could mean the difference between a failing or a thriving business.

10. Pivot

No matter what business you are in, there could come a time when you need to pivot. This means that you assess your current conversion rates and consider changing your advertising. Perhaps you can add or remove pictures, headlines, copy, or offers. The point is that you continue to improve instead of stagnate. Pivot every few months and you’ll soar ahead of the competition. Fail to do this and your market may just move beyond your reach.

When it comes to inbound sales, online copywriting is a must. You will always convert more people with your ads when you understand how to craft your message. Thanks to quality research, effective positioning, and all the other tips above, you’ll be in great shape to win more deals. Then, you can sit back while more sales and profitable relationships role in easily.

Ways to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property

Landlords are always searching for ways to increase demand for their rental property. Higher demand means higher prices. However, steps have to be taken in order to create high demand for your property. Tenants pay for value, so below are some tips to help you out.

Ways to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property

1. Keep it well maintained. Hire a company to keep up with lawn and yard maintenance to keep curb appeal high. Hire a professional cleaning company to come in and scrub the property so it looks as clean as possible to a possible tenant. Aesthetic matters to tenants; if a property doesn’t look well maintained or clean, potential renters will move on to a different place.

2. Install decent, modern appliances. Again, aesthetics matter to possible tenants. They want appliances that look modern and are clean. If they look outdated or dirty, it will reduce the amount of interest on your property. You should also use more modern appliances because as the landlord, if something goes wrong with the appliances, you could be held responsible for the repair costs. Having updated, modern appliances will not only increase the value of your property, but it will help to protect you as the landlord.

3. If you have a commercial rental property, offer amenities. People want to know that they are getting their money’s worth when they sign a lease, so you need to offer them more than they are expecting. Even offering basic amenities can go a long way if they’re nice. Commercial mailboxes, for example, are typically part of a commercial property, but by making them nice and easily accessible, you will make yourself stand out to possible tenants. Same if you offer a gym or community area.

4. Update the kitchen and bath. This goes along with keeping it well maintained. The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms the tenant is inspecting the closest. They need to be clean, and they need to be updated. Make sure the flooring isn’t stained or coming up in areas, and make sure any and all tile is in place and not cracked. If you have a commercial rental property, make sure what the potential tenant sees in the model home or apartment is the same as it is in the apartment they will be renting.

5. Paint. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. It shows you care about the look of the property and work to maintain it, and it also just looks clean. It can hide any dents or scratches or marks from previous tenants, making it look new and desirable to your possible renter.

6. Promote the surrounding area. People like to know what is around them when they move. They aren’t just moving into a property, they are moving to an area. Let them know what sets your area apart. Are they within walking distance to any restaurants? A quick drive from the mall? Sell them on the area, and they will start to see your property as the best option in such a great area.

7. Make sure the windows and doors are updated. If a tenant pulls up to a house and the windows are cracked or crooked and the paint on the door is peeling and it is falling off its hinges, chances are that they will be turned off before they even step foot onto the property. This all ties into the aesthetic you want to put forth to your potential tenants. You want them to be excited about the property before they even step inside, and this all starts with the windows and doors.

8. Ensure good security and parking. If you are a commercial rental property, let the possible tenants know what security measures you have in place, whether that’s cameras in the parking lots or hallways or a security officer on the premises. Let them know what their parking situation would be and if there is room for visitor parking. If it is a private rental, make sure there is ample parking for them and let them know about the safety of the area.

There are many things that you as the landlord can do to increase the value of your property which will attract the right kind of tenant to your rental.

Ways to Improve Your Attitude toward School and Work

Rising every morning to get ready for work or school can be a challenge for many people. Fortunately, developing the right attitude towards work and school can make all the difference for how peaceful and productive you are. Consider these strategies for staying motivated and optimistic in a work or school environment.

Think in Positive Terms

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts every time you attend your job or school, it is going to affect how productive you are throughout the entire day. Research done by the Social Market Foundation and the University of Warwick shows that positive employees are much more productive than their counterparts. It is helpful to create a list of all of the good things associated with each to combat a bad attitude. Whenever depressing thoughts of work or school enter your mind, defuse them by reviewing your list. Find something positive to look forward to at work, whether it is a conversation with a colleague or the mere fact that you are earning a paycheck.

Change Your Crowd

It is interesting to note that if everyone else around you tends to complain about going to work or completing activities at school, you will likely do the same. Surround yourself with peers who are excited about going to school, learning something new, and progressing their careers. By networking with other people who maintain a positive attitude in these environments, it will soon become second-nature for you as well.

Get Adequate Sleep

Many people find themselves drained after attending work or school only to go home and never truly get a decent night’s rest. The National Sleep Foundation States that the lack of sleep directly affects work productivity and the sleep deficit can lead to mistakes and complications, especially for employees in the medical field. It is crucial to take the time to take care of yourself, and to sleep comfortably so you can perform well the following day. Not only will you feel better in the morning, but sleep equips your mind and body for maximum daily performance.

Find Better Ways To Perform

Another one of the chief reasons why many do not enjoy attending work or school is because they have not learned how to perform efficiently. Simply changing the way that you work or study can raise your performance. If the system that you use at work is too complicated, take training courses or ask for additional help. If courses at school are frustrating, consider meeting with a tutor to mend areas of academic weakness. Barbara Fredrickson, an advanced researcher at the University of North Carolina has conducted multiple studies that prove that a good attitude can even help you build your skills faster and open your mind to the possibilities that optimism provides.

Give it Time

It is often much more frustrating to adjust to a new work or school environment. In the beginning stages, you have to be willing to give yourself time to adapt to a new pattern. Tackling a heavy workload in a new position or taking tons of difficult courses can be stressful for anyone. One of the secrets to maintaining a jubilant attitude in any environment is to practice at it every day.

Just as it takes consistent effort to build a habit, eliminating a habit of negative thinking is a process. At the end the day, it is all about your perspective. Cultivate a steady positive outlook towards work and school that benefits your life. Take charge of your emotions, choose your attitude, and change your life.

Ways to Impress Your Guests

When you have people visit your home, whether it’s for a casual dinner or they’re staying the weekend, you want your place to make a good impression. There are several simple ways you can ensure that your home impresses your guests, no matter its size or your budget.

1. Make Your Porch Presentable

The porch, or your entryway if you live in an apartment building, is the first thing guests see. Make sure that the first impression is a good one by sweeping up in front of the door and putting down a welcome mat. A piece of décor can also be a nice touch, especially during the holidays when you can hang a wreath.

2. Keep Everything Clean and Neat

A home that is clean and free of clutter will always look better than one that’s dirty or has items strewn about on the floor. When it comes to cleaning, it’s best to do a little each day so that your home never gets too messy. Double check every room in the house before your guests arrive to see that it looks good and isn’t missing anything – for example, you don’t want your guests searching for hand towels in your bathroom.

3. Have a Hangout Area

There should be a place in your home for you and your guests to socialize when they arrive. The living room or dining room are both good options. Put some air fresheners or candles there to give the area a nice scent, and make sure that there’s enough seating for everyone. A bit of background music at a low volume is great for adding ambiance.

4. Prepare the Food Ahead of Time

It’s an awkward situation for your guests when they visit you and you need to spend all your time in the kitchen preparing a meal. That’s why it’s wise to handle as much of the preparations as possible before they arrive. Look for meals that don’t require constant monitoring or meals you can cook and keep warm.

5. Make a Signature Drink

Craft cocktails are a huge movement today in the restaurant world and have made their way into the household setting as well causing a big desire for copper bar supplies says Jamil Bouchareb, CEO of Restaurantware.  A signature drink is perfect for theme parties, but it’s also nice to have whenever people are visiting. It makes the get together feel more like a special occasion, and it’s an excellent conversation starter. It’s also something your guests will remember from their visit. If you have friends that don’t drink, you’ll want to have a non-alcoholic version of the drink, too, so that nobody is left out.

6. Set a Beautiful Table

A dining table is a natural centerpiece, but if you don’t put anything on it, it could look a bit bland. A vase full of fresh flowers or an antique bowl are both good options to decorate your table, and a tablecloth also works well. Don’t forget the place settings, either. Tableware that matches your table’s style will enhance its appearance, and with all the elegant disposable tableware available, you can also find options to match the theme of a party.

7. Serve Snacks

Your guests will appreciate having some snacks to munch on before and after dinner. A bowl full of chips or chocolates are both traditional options that almost any guest will enjoy, and they don’t require any work on your part. You could also try crackers with meats and cheeses, pieces of fruit or anything else you think your guests would like.

8. Put up Decorations

You don’t need to add all kinds of new decorations to your home to impress your guests, but you also don’t want it to look lifeless and boring. Look for décor that matches the style of your home, whether that’s a modern painting, an antique mirror or a piece of sports memorabilia. Decorating your home to match the season is another popular option. Even if your home doesn’t have much, remember that you don’t need to overdo it. One or two great pieces that your guests notice is better than a wall full of cheap décor.

With a little preparation, it’s easy to impress your guests and make sure that they have a great time visiting your home. And you benefit just as much from those preparations because the qualities that make visitors enjoy your home will also make you enjoy living there.

Ways to upgrade your home

The quality of your home will influence how comfortable you feel in the space and just how functional it is when spending time on the property. As a homeowner, upgrading the interior and exterior setting will prove to be worth the investment because it will increase the home’s value and will make it more appealing. If you’re looking to transform the setting or selling it shortly, there are a few important upgrades that you can perform.

Install New Lighting

The light fixtures that are installed in each room of your home will date the space, making it necessary to install new chandeliers overhead that are dramatic and bold. Consider adding a starburst chandelier in your dining room or kitchen, which will create a retro look that is chic. Regal sconces will also dress up your bathroom when used on each side of the mirror above the sink. They’ll make a statement and will also illuminate the setting to prevent it from appearing dim and depressing.

Paint the Front Door

Boost your home’s curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint on the front door, which will make the property stand out in the neighborhood. Choose a color shade that is bold, which can include yellow, red, or black. Adding new address numbers or a mailbox will also make the house appear contemporary and classic.

Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the latest trends in interior design and can add extra detail to the living room or a guest bathroom. Add leafy wallpaper to your bedroom to create a neutral environment that feels serene and relaxing. Bold stripes will make a statement in a small bathroom that can lack enough detail.

Purchase New Mattresses

Make your guest room or bedroom more comfortable and luxurious with a new mattress that will make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. You won’t have to worry about waking up with aches and pains with memory foam that is used, which will mold to the shape of your body.

Closet Organizers

Reduce the clutter that accumulates in your closet with shelves and cabinets that are installed. Closet organizers are affordable and will allow you to find what you need quickly without having certain belts or ties get pushed into the back. You’ll get the chance to put each pair of shoes that you own on display, which will allow you to put different types of outfits together while having everything easy to see.

Hardwood Flooring

Although wall-to-wall carpet was a popular flooring option in the ’80s and ’90s, more people are finding hardwood flooring to be the best choice when updating the home. Hardwood floors are extremely durable and will boost the design of your interior setting. Choose a color shade of wood that complements the color scheme of your home and won’t look outdated in future years.

Replace Old Fixtures

Update your bathroom with new fixtures that are installed to give the space a makeover. Knobs, pulls, and handles are affordable to purchase and are easy to install when you want to update the cabinets or features in the bathroom.

Painting the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint will also transform the setting and will allow the product to look contemporary. Consider using a neutral color to shade, which will allow the bathroom to appear spacious.

Install a Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the main focal points of kitchens and bathrooms and will create a visually-appealing room that looks high-end with the materials that are installed. Backsplashes can feature different colors and unique tiles, depending on the particular style and look that you want to execute.

White subway tiles are a popular look that is neutral and will look trendy when paired with reclaimed wood and brass fixtures. Blue or gray backsplashes will also look modern and will add a cozier touch in the setting if you don’t want the space to look bland or cold.

Backsplashes are easy to install yourself with the right materials and tools used, which will allow you to upgrade the design of the room while staying within your budget.

Steps to living a happy life

Most people want to be happy in life and feel fulfilled to ensure that they can enjoy each day. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to become unhappy due to responsibilities and stress. If you want to live a happy life, there are a few important steps to take.

Find the Right Friends

The friends that you have in your life will allow you to feel supported and can make it easier to enjoy life. Whether you meet for lunch or spend time having fun together, you’ll enjoy having friendships that allow you to feel valued and can make it easy to appreciate other people. Find the right friends to ensure that you always have someone to talk to, whether you need to vent or want to share good news that you receive.

Sleep Better

The quality of sleep that you get each night will ultimately determine how rested you feel. If you suffer from fatigue consistently, it can be easy to have changes in your mood and a low performance at school or work.

If you want to sleep better, it’s important to get a better mattress that has memory foam or can contour to your body. A quality mattress will support your body and can reduce strain that is placed on it each night.

Take a Vacation

Taking a vacation is necessary to reduce your stress levels and stop to smell the roses. Whether you plan a trip that includes backpacking through Europe or relaxing on a tropical beach, the vacation will allow you to unwind and enjoy life again. Avoid creating a busy itinerary, which can make it difficult to feel at ease and can contribute to any anxiety that you’re already experiencing.

Create a Bucket List

Creating a bucket list will make it easy to create dreams for yourself, whether it includes skydiving in Palm Springs or camping in the Grand Canyon. You can have different activities to look forward to each year when you want to experience life to the fullest and plan certain events that will prove to be memorable.

Make it a point to complete at least one or two items on your bucket list each year to ensure that you can afford the activities and have more to look forward to in the future.

Remain Thankful

Being happy in life is easier when you change your mindset and become more thankful for what you have, whether it includes a stable job or loving family members. You can practice being thankful by writing down what you enjoy in your life on a consistent basis. Attempt to write down at least five different things each day, which can remind you of what you have and will make it harder to complain.


Exercising will allow you to stay active, which can release endorphins in the body and will boost your mood throughout the day, making it easier to be happier on a daily basis. It’s important to find activities that you enjoy, which will motivate you to exercise throughout the week, whether you go for a bike ride or participate in a dance class, you can enjoy having hobbies that allow you to stay lean and healthy.

Exercising outside will make it easy to recharge and will allow you to take in the beautiful views of the setting.

Relax Before Bed

Relaxing for at least an hour before bed each night will allow you to clear your mind and avoid feeling stressed when you lay your head down. Shut off your computer, television, or phone and pick up a good book to read. Consider taking a bath to relax your body and feel at ease in the suds. Turn on soothing music, light a few candles, and treat yourself after a long day at work.

Relaxing before bed each day will make it easier to wake up feeling rested without worrying about how to get through the day.

Eat Well

The food that you eat has a direct impact on your mood, making it necessary to clean up your diet. Eat well by sticking to superfoods, which includes fish, greens, and vegetables. Avoid consuming too much caffeine or sugar, which can cause you to crash later on in the day.

How to Use Social Media to Fit Your Business Strategy

In an ever increasingly connected world, creating a social media presence is as common as advertising on a billboard. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are used both socially and professionally. However, as much fun as updating your Pinterest account may be, it may not be building the media presence you need for your growing business.

Whether your business is the traditional brick-and-mortar or the newer tech model, employing social media is an excellent way to increase visibility, which can lead to an increase in customers and profits. So how can you incorporate social media into your business strategy? Here are three useful ways.

The Right Platform and the Right Practice
It’s tempting to follow the hottest trends in social media and hop on whichever platform is the flavor of the month. Many people and businesses follow pop culture to see which wagon they should hitch themselves to. So what’s wrong with that? Well nothing, as long as that platform can suit your core business strategy. For example, do you really need a Twitter account that updates once an hour? Or will something less frequent and time consuming suit you better? Do you want to start on a massive platform like Facebook, or do you want to set yourself up on a fast growing platform, like Tumblr?

Before you hop on a social media platform, first determine which one your customer base actually uses. Then build your presence based on the capabilities and strengths of those outlets. Because revenue impact can be hard to measure, it’s best to have a few performance indicators to measure the success that your social media presence is generating.

The primary objective of using social media in business is to increase the visibility and reach of your company to customers. Users on different platforms have different expectations. For example, Twitter users typically expect responses soon after they contact a company or business. Do you have the resources to make a near-immediate response to customers? If not, then Twitter and it’s many clones may not be an ideal platform for your company’s social media.

Set Goals for Your Social Media
Several factors will affect your social media goals. These include the size of your business, its purpose, and even its location. When choosing your company’s goals, consider that other companies will use social media to:

  • Increase user traffic to their company website
  • Drive digital purchases
  • Create an appealing corporate identity that will draw people to become consumers or employees.
  • Create an interface for additional customer interactions. Composing a Facebook post or a Twitter message is often much simpler and quicker than writing an e-mail or a letter. It may even make your customers like your more. A survey found that as much as 43% of customers are likely to think positively or recommend a company that responds quickly on social media.
  • Portray themselves as an exciting company to connect with journalists and reporters who may want to profile a business.

It’s difficult but try and track how your social media platform influences your customer’s conversion rate. A positive presence should have an impactful effect on your revenue and profit margins.

Plan Out Your Approach
Once you pick a social platform and set a few goals, the next step is to plan what content you will be posting. A systematized approach is important to developing your planned content, as this will help you stay organized and consistent when releasing content across more than one social platform. Try to plan out the frequency of your post on different platforms, how you will measure the results of your posts, and how you will maximize your reach with your posts.

At this point, it may be wise to invest in social media management. Tools or services, such as Jarvee can be incredibly helpful in planning posts ahead of time or determining which post will go on which platform. This will keep content organized and cohesive across your different social media platforms.

Keep in mind that it is of vital importance to post engaging content on social media. Generic messages such as, “Check out this deal,” will quickly turn consumers away. The key to each post is that it must not only be applicable to your service or product, but it must also be interesting. The best content encourages people to return to your social media. A shoe company, for example, may generate interest by giving a sneak peak at their latest designs for the upcoming season. Even content from other pages can work for you as long as it’s relevant to your own business.

Whether you plan your social media strategy around platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the dozens of others, the key to a successful social media campaign is to make them relevant to your online business strategy. By choosing the best platforms, setting goals, and planning your approach, you can be sure that your company’s social media will support your business strategy.

Cost Effective Growth Hacks to Get Customers

Trying to drive as much traffic to your business is one of the hurdles of startups. At times, many businesses fail due to having very little exposure of their brands or committing too much to certain techniques which don’t bode well with their niche. As a countermeasure, individuals and various organizations have made use of methods outside of the box, coined as growth hacks. There are numerous growth hacks to utilize; thus said, here are some of them that don’t bust your wallet.

Social Media is a common growth hack

In this day and age, social media has become quite a vital part of each individual’s life. What’s not to like about it when communication is easily done within the palm of your hand and a connection to keep you on the loop? Facebook is one of these social sites, and has become a necessity to businesses. To put it simply, Social media gives the audience the chance to reach out to you and to learn about your brand.

Videos give the audience what they’re looking for

Constructing credible and interesting videos is a hurdle that can make or break your brand. The audience likes visuals and a well-composed video can give an individual the ropes of what you’re trying to sell. Take for example the Squatty Potty, which has reaped a large value of sales because of one video that had gone viral. While your brand may not need a unicorn to sell, it takes a little bit of creativity to create a video that could pique the interest of the masses while still putting your brand on the limelight.

Great write-ups means valuable content

Certain budding businesses consider content to be the least of their concern; which is a bad habit that needs to break. Content writing aids in building your business, from doing the layout of headlines to giving your website the core idea of what you’re selling. Concise and straight to the point information is the best way to go. The quality of the writing in your websites attracts unique traffic and builds reliability on the information and service you provide. Another avenue in bringing more traffic in with a great deal of content is making use of guest blogs. Blogs are still a great source of information and being linked to a certain blog can aid in generating unique traffic for your website.

A website that’s simple and straight to the point

“While there is no fool-proof ‘lottery ticket’ or instant key to success, there are many things you can do to outperform the competition — if you are willing to put in the work”, as said by Jonathan Furman, the founder and CEO of Furman Transformation. One of the many things in this situation is a website. Content is not the only appealing quality of a great website. Big businesses have polished their websites, as these are the pages that the audience will look into to learn more about you and what your brand is. A big factor to garnering traffic and keeping your audience is the loading time of your landing page. The longer it takes to wait for a page to display, the more dissatisfaction it brings to a visitor. Another matter to consider is the design; avoid using too much images and try to make use of a layout that is easy on the eyes. Try to make use of colors that are similar to your logo or your product since this will associate your website to your brand.

In the end, there is no perfect growth hack for a single scenario; using multiple methods is the best course of action no matter what niche you are in. It takes time to generate your lead but putting in a little more elbow grease helps turn the tables to your favor.

How to Handle Gift-Giving at Different Stages of Your Relationship

A relationship without the exchange of gifts can be boring and to the worse extent can fade away. This does not mean that gifts should be used as a cover up for something but rather as a supplement of your coming together as friends. You need something that will spice up your relationship. With this in mind, it is important to note the various ways on how to handle gift-giving. Different types of gifts are given at different stages of your relationship. Therefore, it is important for you to understand this important fact before giving out your gift at a certain point in your relationship.

Making a Gift-Decision

The decision of giving out a gift to your friend is not as easy as many people think. You could give a very expensive gift or a cheap one to serve a certain purpose. However, the timing for each gift is very important. Psychologists say that a very expensive gift early in a relationship may be interpreted as a bride. Therefore don’t force your special one to get impressed especially when you are new to each other. They may read mischief in your offers and shy off from making a serious commitment towards the relationship further.

Ideally, there are certain things to consider prior to giving out a gift to your special friend. One of them is the duration of which you have dated. Secondly, you need to establish whether your relationship is a serious one or merely a casual acquaintance. It could also be something in between. Other things to consider are whether the gifts can be exchanged in front of everybody, especially in the presence of family and friends. This way, you will be in a position to establish the things that you should avoid to make your gift-giving a success!

Different Gifts for Each Stage

Based on the level of your relationship, you will be able to determine the cost of the gift you will give. Don’t give diamonds in a casual or new relationship. It will send the wrong signals to your new found friend. Here is a simple guide that will lead you to make your gift-giving a memorable experience.

Gifts for a New Relationship

There are expectations for a relationship that hasn’t lasted for more than three months or if you are in a casual kind of relationship. Don’t surpass these expectations otherwise they may not turn out well. This is the gift giving etiquette for you to follow: make the gift experience full of fun. It should cost between $20-30, reflecting the freshness and newness of your relationship.

Gift-Giving in a Relationship with some Commitment

If you are dating your special one exclusively, this shows some level of commitment taking roots in your relationship. You don’t necessarily have to be engaged to one another or living together. Having lasted for about 3-6 months, meeting each other at least twice a week, you can consider spending a little more for your gift. Averagely, you can spend between $30-70 worth of gift. If the two of you are mutually exclusive, romantic gifts can be given at this stage. Let the gift-giving be an experience to remember.

Gift for a Relationship with Full Commitment

A long-term serious relationship is defined by people who are living together and/or have been engaged for more than half a year. This amount of time is enough for you to have known your partner very well. You obviously have a very good idea of their needs. At this stage, you wouldn’t mind spending a little more. Go for a more meaningful gift than you have given when starting your relationship. It is very prudent to attach a romantic aspect to the gift. Go for a practical item unlike the approach is taken in a new relationship.

Bottom-line for Gift-Giving at All Stages 

Everyone struggles with what to give as a gift to their special friend. This is especially in a romantic relationship. There are many expectations and feelings, which can get mixed up at times. However, these simple guidelines can get you off the hook and help you make the right choice of gift at every stage of your relationship.

As you begin in your relationship, keep the gifts simple and very thoughtful because you are not sure of the expectations of your special one. The only way to enhance the passion at this stage is to share an exciting activity with your new found friend. Relationships that have lasted for long can get into bigger love expressions through huge investments. However, the underlying factor is your partner’s satisfaction. They should appreciate the gift you are offering particularly if it matches their needs.

Tips for travelling to Europe for a business trip

Tips for travelling to Europe for a business trip

Travelling at the best of times can be a daunting experience, but if you’re traveling for business and aren’t a keen traveler, it can be an extra pressure you just aren’t sure how to avoid. Luckily, we’ve looked into some of the best tips for traveling around Europe on a business trip. So have a look, and start packing. You’ve got this.

Check Your Documents

Checking your important documents before you go is important, but don’t leave these checks until the last minute. If your passport is out of date, you’ll need at least three weeks to get a new passport, though there are options if you need one urgently, this involves making an appointment at the Passport Customer Service Centre. Make sure you check your EHIC card too, and make sure you fill in the new e111 application form if you find you need one. Checking your documents prior to travel can save you plenty of time at airports, and avoid the potential for a ruined trip.

Prepare an Itinerary

If you know you’re going to be short on time, it’s important to organize an itinerary. Travelling for business doesn’t have to be all work and meetings, but sometimes it just takes that little bit of extra organization to make the most of the time in between your commitments to see the country you’re visiting. Organising an itinerary prior to traveling can save you the trouble once you’ve arrived, and give you a better chance at organizing what sights or experiences you can go through close to your meetings or business priorities.

Learn the Native Tongue

This isn’t just a courtesy, but can actually be helpful to you on your trip too. Knowing basic phrases in the language of the country you’re visiting will open you up to far more help and possibilities than if you don’t know a single word. If you find yourself stuck in a town needing directions, knowing a few phrases related to directions can mean you don’t have to find the nearest bi-lingual person or tourist information center, and can simply ask anyone who might pass by.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol on the Plane

As tempting as it may be for nervous fliers to drink while they’re in the air, it can actually make things worse. Drinking too much can make getting off of the plane and the hours that follow unpleasant, either through being drunk or from suffering from a hangover. Avoid drinking if you know you have a bad reaction to alcohol, and remember that airports can be stressful places, so being less aware of your surroundings can actually make things worse.

Bring a few ‘useful’ items.

Some of the most useful items to take on your trip might not be the most obvious. Between worrying about finding your laptop, your portable phone chargers and making sure you have your passport, you may not think about bringing a first aid kit, hats, gloves, USB drives or even toiletries. While you’re likely to remember shampoo, packing something like dry shampoo or a stronger smelling deodorant can save you from spending when you arrive at your location, or save you time if you’re in a rush. Pack a swimsuit, too, if there’s any chance you may be near a pool. You never know when you could need one, even if your hotel doesn’t have swimming facilities.