How to do Holiday Shopping on a Limited Budget

The holiday season is a special time of the year but also one of the most expensive. This can be a very stressful time when you need to find gifts, but you’re on a limited budget. Even with all the sales, it is easy to spend too much money because you so badly want to spoil your loved ones. 

It’s hard to remember that it is not so much about what you give them as the thought that goes into it. Here are some ways to buy holiday gifts if you’re on a limited budget. 

Compare prices online and find discounts

Large retailers often have sales and if you’re looking for items like games or clothes, check out sites like Overstock or Amazon. If you want to buy experiential gifts, look at prices on a site like Groupon. 

Taking advantage of discounts offered online can really help to reduce the amount you spend on gifts, especially large ones. You may need money now to take advantage of a great discount. 

Create a strict budget and stick to it

Make a list of the people you need to buy gifts for, and then decide how much to spend on each one. You probably won’t want to spend as much on some people as on others and that’s okay. 

If you decide to order a gift online, make sure the amount you spend includes shipping and taxes as these additional costs can mount up. Look out for “free shipping day” when major retailers don’t charge for shipping. 

The sooner you set a price limit for each person on your list, the easier it becomes to decide what to get them. 

Shopping without knowing how much you want to spend on someone makes you more apt to overspend. Remember that everything from display placements to lighting and music at this time of the year is designed to entice you to spend. 

Start shopping early

One of the best ways to save money on holiday gifts is to start early. Spreading your shopping out means your budget doesn’t have to take the hit all at once. 

Allocate a reasonable monthly amount for holiday shopping and you won’t exceed your budget. Start shopping well in advance and you can avoid the increased prices in the holiday season due to high demand. 

Use ideas from Pinterest to make your own gifts

Going DIY can really help you to save on gifts and the recipients will appreciate the time you took to make something for them. Jewelry, pottery, sweet treats, candles and soap are all memorable gifts that don’t take that much money to make. 

On Pinterest, you will come across ideas that help to elevate your homemade gift to something special – like putting a homemade candle in an old china teacup you find at a thrift store. 

Choose the right time to buy specific gifts

There is a time when certain gifts will be less expensive. For example, the best time to buy candy for stocking fillers is right after Halloween. Here is a guide that will help you to find the best buys for each month of the year. There are always periods where demand is lower for certain items and you can pick them up for less. 

Do something different with your partner

It doesn’t make sense for you and your partner to buy expensive gifts for one another if you’re both on a budget and trying to save. Propose saving the money you would have spent instead of buying something you really need for your home or for a special holiday.