Driving in Ohio: Why is Car Insurance So High?

Driving in Ohio: Why is Car Insurance So High?

Generally, auto insurance is quite pocket-friendly in Ohio. A report about car insurance costs shows that Ohio ranks 40 out of 50 states and the Columbian District that have the lowest average expenditure. Ohio residents spend an average of $1,037 each year on auto insurance, which is 27.3% lower than the average price of car insurance nationally.

However, Ohio auto insurance premiums are not only by the state that one lives in. Rather, there are other different factors that determine the premium that you will pay for your car insurance such as marital status, gender, age, and coverage level driving record as well as your credit score. Other factors include the number of miles that you will cover per year, the year and make of the vehicle.

Age Issue

It is common knowledge that the older you get, your car insurance will vary. Usually, auto insurance for younger people is more costly than that of older members of the society because car insurance companies assume that drivers with less experience are less responsible. Thus they have a higher likelihood of getting involved in car accidents. 

A 16 years old driver spends $4,659 yearly on car insurance in Ohio, which is quite pricey compared to the $884 that a driver whose age lies between 50 and 59 spends in the same state.

Surprisingly, as high as the price of insuring a teen in Ohio might seem, it is the fifth cheapest state. So the figure could be quite astronomical in other states.

The cost of insuring a car slightly increases for people in their 60s to $907.23 and even more for those in their 70s who have to part with $1,108.52 per year.


Gender does not normally have a huge impact on auto insurance premiums. However, companies still use it to determine the amount of premiums that they will issue to a person. In Ohio, the annual average premium for a male is $1,015.93 and for a female it is slightly more at $1,026.99.

Marital Status

Getting hitched can help you get a sweet deal on your auto insurance policy. This is because the average annual rate of a married person is $971.83, which is a bit, lower compared to single’s $1,015.93, divorced $1,025.93 and widowed $1,008.2. Apparently, the average annual rate for divorced persons in Ohio is one of the cheapest in the US. 

Credit Rating

Car insurance companies use credit history to gauge the reliability of a potential customer. Statistics show that drivers who have good credit scores are more reliable car insurance clients. They rarely file claims that can put insurance companies at a disadvantage.

In Ohio, a driver who has a superb credit history stands to save up to $1,024.52 on car insurance rates every year in comparison to a driver who has a poor credit rating. 

The average annual rate for a person with an exceptional credit score in Ohio is $873.51; a good score spends $1,303.67 and $1,898.03 for very poor credit history.  

Getting affordable car insurance coverage with bad credit can be a daunting task but if you shop around, you can find an insurer who is willing to offer you a fair deal.

High-Risk Motorists In Ohio

Suppose you have been found to be responsible at a car crash or charged with an on-road infraction and you got convicted, this will affect your car insurance costs negatively. The more offenses you commit while driving the more costly your car insurance will be. 

Your first small at- fault accident in Ohio will force you to pay $520.31 more each year in your auto insurance premiums. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are some of the most serious infractions in this state and they can increase your annual insurance rates by about $673.87. 

Other infractions include open container, speeding and reckless driving. The average annual premium for a person who has been convicted of speeding in Ohio is $1,243.87. 

Coverage Level

Coverage level is another factor that affects insurance premium costs in Ohio. Liability only insurance policies cost less than deductible comprehensive loan. 

Basically, insurance costs in Ohio are high but you can get a good deal if you shop around. One great tip for finding a good insurer is looking for the one that has a good financial standing so that you can be sure they will pay for your damages in the event of a car accident.