ImageOUT and About: Oct. 13 and 14.

Emmanuelle Devos in Violette. (Photo courtesy ImageOUT)

Emmanuelle Devos in Violette. (Photo courtesy ImageOUT)

Here are highlights of today’s and tomorrow’s programming from the 2014 ImageOUT Film Festival:

Polish director Jan Kidawa-Błoński’s In Hiding (Little Theatre, 6pm Oct. 13) is a smart, stylish psychosexual thriller set in Nazi-occupied Poland toward the end of World War II. It’s the story of a young cellist (Magdalena Boczarska) whose reluctant protection of a Jew in hiding (Julia Pogrebińska) evolves into an altogether different – and more menacing – kind of relationship. It’s far removed from your typical Holocaust movie.

Biopics can too often be dull, romanticized affairs, but the French drama Violette (Little Theatre, 8:15pm Oct. 14) is a cut above: It showcases its subject, the prickly and neurotic mid-20th century author Violette Leduc (Emmanuelle Devos), with an unsympathetic tone that’s still suffused with passion and surprising tenderness. A centerpiece of Martin Provost’s film concerns Leduc’s unrequited ardor for Simone De Beauvoir (Sandrine Kiberlain), in a relationship that’s ultimately healthier for Leduc’s writing than for her heart.

Sometimes a film festival is the perfect place to revisit an old friend. Norman René’s groundbreaking film about living and dying with AIDS, Longtime Companion (Dryden Theatre, 8pm Oct. 14), turns 25 this year – and while that distance may make some of its references seem antique, the lasting power of its anguished, intimate story can’t be denied. Dermot Mulroney, Campbell Scott and Bruce Davison lead a solid cast of familiar faces in René’s episodic slice-of-life tale of gay New Yorkers living in the shadow of the “gay cancer.” If you haven’t seen it before, there’s no better time.

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