A New End Brings Shoe Trends

Well, it’s just about time for a new ending as winter is just about over. That means different colors, patterns, and styles of clothing and shoes coming about like wildflowers. Before I get into the many details of clothing, I want to introduce you to a few Spring shoe trends to look out for.

I’ve talked about the 90’s before and the little twist that today’s style takes on them. The classic flat summer sandal originally from that era, takes a twist with bright colors, and funky embellishments, making them a bit dressier.

Opposite of the sandals, but still dressy, platform shoes go all out this year with rhinestones and amazing patterns. Trying them for a night out may be the best decision of the New Year, girls! If you don’t want them too high, they come in various heights for your unique taste. They are great paired with a dress, wide bottom pants, or leggings.

Another dressy look is a pair of heels of course, but I’m not talking ordinary heels. Just check out the picture to the left; I mean heels with designs in them! Try them for yourself; you might just fall in love with a classic look for the first time. Lets see how long it will last, one season or maybe for centuries.

That’s the thing with fashion; you just never know what will happen! I think that’s the most exciting part about it all. The one shoe that I am most excited about is the sock boot. I laugh at their name because I just picture regular white socks that look like boots. But that’s not it at all, these boots are by far the most popular trend for Spring and the coziest. There are plenty more shoe trends to go around, so stay tuned for more shoes sprouting up in my next blog.

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