Tips for wearing Ankle Boots with Jeans

This season, Fall in love with a trend that’s so stylish and easy that you’ll never let it go. I’m talking about Ankle boots paired with skinny jeans. What especailly makes this combo great is that you can see the whole boot with the pant’s slim cut. If you’re skinny jeans are too long for you, rolling the hem up inside and ironing it will give it a natural looking new length. If you prefer leggings, they are great because they will do the same thing as skinny jeans for you. Even better, wear jeggings, jeans as stretchy as leggings for comfort and the boot/denim look altogether.

To change it up a little, try cuffing up your pants on the outside instead of tucking them into your boots. Don’t be afraid to try other styles with your ankle boots such as the boyfriend style and boot cut. The boyfriend jeans have a looser cut, are usually rolled up at the end, with a shorter length. These denim pieces are better with high heeled booties to avoid a tomboyish look. But if that’s for you, by all means, go for it, girl!

High heeled ankle boots are also great if you’re aiming to look taller. Just add jeans that are the same color of the boots for leaner, longer looking legs. For jeans with a zipper at the end, forget about tucking them in and zipping them up. Leave the hem unzipped for a unique fashion statement. All of these ideas make a statement of variety and pizazz that can last all through the season and into winter.