Did You Know

Sometimes when you think you’ve seen it all, you find that you really haven’t.  But that’s OK because exploring new things is always fun. I’m going to touch up on any little trend details  that I haven’t magnified for summer yet. Micro cleats, a small  bit of texture added to dresses and skirts, are great for any silhouette by adding shape and dimension while not being too obvious.

Skirts and dresses have also come out with microprints and bold patterns in tiny floral. Another pattern trend called Gingham, known as a checkered print usually worn by children, has grown up this summer and can be found on mid length dresses, and shirts. Why not give it a shot? You might like going back to your childhood for a day, all while looking chic and stylish. Speaking of chic, did you know that nautical stripes are popping out everywhere? Meaning that simple nautical stripes, whether on your top or bottom as shorts or pants, are turning into a piece to go with bright, solid colors. For example, a nautical tee with a pair of bright salmon or lime green shorts. Bingo, we have a winner, the cutest outfit combination of summer! Or at least in my opinion. I think you may like it too.

Also, going back a couple blogs ago, I told you about off the shoulder trends, well there is also an elegant trend  in dresses and dressy tops that secures around the neck area. Still leaving the shoulders to breath, this look is perfect for those who don’t like lowcut tops. Another dressy trend, ruffles, is best worn loose and soft.

Did you know that plain white t-shirts can be worn with dressy outfits? Try one with a flowy, light weight skirt or tucked into dress pants for a unique look. This look is seen on the runways for summer and gives you a lighter weight option for those humid work days or fancy outside events. If you didn’t know, now you do. Be inspired to add these few small details to your summer wordrobe and you’ll be walking down your own runway every single day.