The trend full of Life

Alive, is the next exciting spring trend to talk about. It’s natural and organic influences will help you to see the world in a different light and live life to the fullest ¬†while being intertwined with nature.

It’s not a surprise that you will find this fashion trend filled with browns, taupes, greens, and yellows. Olive is one of its base colors and you can find reds and oranges as accent colors. Chiffon, tweed, and lace are materials that you can find these colors in. To get more into detail, patterns include tropical, palms,, florals, and feathers.

Amazing and unique items included are tube and asymmetrical skirts, crop tops, oversized blouses, and robe coats. Try these items with wedge sandals with feathers or a leaf clutch. It is garanteed that getting into this trend will make you feel more down-to-earth.